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  Residence Inn has been my go to hotel for a long time. Why? Well, when you have a large family  – as in more than 2 kids – you need a space that can accommodate you. For the most … Continued

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The Las Vegas High Roller is a 550-foot-tall sky wheel that takes half an hour to make it all the way around. Along the way you will be able to see all of Las Vegas. The High Roller in Vegas is … Continued

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This easy recipe for bbq chicken is sponsored by Foster Farms. Summertime is upon us, which means it’s BBQing time or at least that’s what it means at our house. We won a $700 Trager smoker at an event in … Continued

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Here is a 5 day itinerary for visiting Fort Worth with kids. Whether you following it exactly or take the pieces of the itinerary and customize your own trip you will have an awesome time. We recommend staying at the Sheraton … Continued

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Growing up in Texas means that we are super picky about our potato salad. We basically can’t even bring ourselves to eat store bought potato salad. I’ve been making the same recipe forever and made it just a couple of … Continued

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Fort Worth is a surprisingly kid-friendly city. Sure there is plenty for adults only, but there is also tons for families. Here’s a list of 7 kid-friendly activities in Fort Worth. 1. Forth Worth Zoo is a must visit attraction for … Continued

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