Houseboat capital of Canada! – Lake Shuswap, BC, Canada

Our family travel have taken us house boating on Lake Shuswap, a provincial park, in Canada once again. Here are pictures of our house boating trip in British Columbia at Lake Shuswap. I think Lake Shuswap is the prettiest place I have ever been. It is so peaceful and calm.Lake Shuswap Houseboating

Both times we have been have been in the off season, so the lake is not crowded at all. We went both weeks hardly seeing any other people at all. This I can assure you makes for some really amazing quality family time.

Even when it rain a few times we just stayed inside reading and playing board games with the kids. If you are looking for a vacation were everyone is “unplugged” I highly recommend house boating. Especially up here in Canada where you will have little to no cell phone service.

Lake Shuswap British Columbia Canada Houseboating

Lake Shuswap British Columbia Canada Houseboating

Lake Shuswap

House Boating on Lake Shuswap is nice because there are plenty of places to beach overnight. The Company that you rent your boat from should provide you with a map that clearly marks which beaches are okay for overnight beaching.

We only saw one bear while we were beaching. We just waiting for the bear to leave and then we untied and hauled booty out of there!

House Boat

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