Georgia Aquarium – Atlanta, Georgia

While on our Atlanta, Georgia family vacation we went to the Georgia Aquarium.  I must say that after hearing about the aquarium from so many people I was a little disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I thought it was a great aquarium.  After all the build up there was nothing overly special or unique about it. With that said the beluga whales where gone for renovation and it was incredibly over priced. (They will not give you a military discount at the door. Instead to get the military price you must buy tickets on a near by military base.) We would not go back based on the price.

Georgia Aquarium

They did have several touch pools that my kids loved. They got to touch sting rays, star fish, and a bunch of other stuff.

Atlanta Georgia Aquarium

There were five areas with lots of various sea life to see.

Atlanta Georgia Aquarium

Atlanta Georgia Aquarium

My son was thrilled to meet Nemo.  (They don’t actually call him Nemo, but I can’t remember his name and he does look a lot like Nemo!)

Atlanta Georgia Aquarium

There was a dark area with lots of jellyfish.

Atlanta Georgia Aquarium

We were done with the main areas cover by regular admission with in two hours.  I hear from StressFreeBaby that a dolphin exhibit is on it’s way in 2011!

Other activities available with extra costs were a movie and shark exibit.

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7 Responses to “Georgia Aquarium – Atlanta, Georgia”

  1. RUBY

    Great pictures! Looks like you all had a blast! Can’t wait to take my little ones to an aquarium we have a few near by.

  2. alexmark69

    I was also disappointed. When I heard that Atlanta has the biggest aquarium in the world I expected to see the biggest aquarium in the world. Including appropriate service. But what we got? The regular small aquariums with fishes you can find in any “not-the-best” aquarium…Yes, Whale Sharks are beyond any words. Magnificent! But the rest….Why do you have to pay extra to see 3D show??? I hate any “extra”. It looks like scam. But, I think that after meeting with Whale sharks people find the rest of exhibition boring. But aquarium didn’t find any solution, so some enthusiast leased the area for their 3D shows. If I would be a manager, I would raise the price for 3-5 dollars and made everything inside available without extra cost. First, I would save on salary for the “extra” cashiers and 2-3 ladies standing at the entrance of “extra” shows. Probably will not come again until they will change something. The whale sharks are the best they have. Probably the best I ever could imagine. Magnificent for sure.

  3. Diana - FreeStyleMama

    Stopping by to follow from Mom Bloggers Club!

    Happy Holidays!!

  4. Stockpiling Mom

    Following you from MBC!

    Love your blog idea! We love to travel on a dime 😉

  5. ~Shelley~

    Happy New Year!

    Following from MBC! I’d love for you to come visit my blog!


  6. Ray

    When I was in Atlanta, I heard the same thing about the Georgia Aquarium being over hyped. I opted for the World of Coca-Cola Museum instead, even though it might not be “family friendly” per se. 🙂

    • Meagan

      I think that was a good choice. I really enjoyed the Coca-Cola museum and it was super cheap for military.


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