Inside the Roman Pantheon – Rome, Italy

Roman Pantheon

Roman Pantheon

On our European Vacation we went to Rome, Italy.  While we were in Rome we went to see the Roman Pantheon.  It is a must see while in Rome.
The Roman Pantheon is free to get into.  You can only walk around the main room, which is massive and full of art.
We downloaded Rick Steves audio tour of the Roman Pantheon before we went and then listened to it while we were there. I highly recommend downloading his free podcasts.  Instead of paying for an audio tour, because it is a great in-depth podcast in perfect English and it saves your a handful of Euros.
Pantheon Rome,Italy
Pantheon Rome, Italy
Pantheon Rome, Italy
Pantheon Rome, Italy
Pantheon Rome, Italy
Pantheon Rome, Italy
Pantheon Rome, Italy

I wish I had taken a picture of the small holes in the floor that the rain drains into. I guess the rain does not cause any damage because everything is made out of marble.

Check out the outside of the Roman Pantheon.

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  1. Elena Sonnino

    I love Rome– it has been too long since I have spent any time there. We did not have time to go this summer, but hopefully on the next trip back to Italy.

  2. bursa fizyoterapist

    i want to go there alot. i hope i will 🙂


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