Taking our kids to an Orphanage in Honduras

The orphanage in Honduras Hogar de ninos Tierra Santa in La Paz, Honduras (the one my husband had been visiting while he was deployed down there) let us bring our entire family.  Before we went we did not know if they would let the kids come with us.
Our family and other volunteers from Soto Cano air base served food, handed out clothes and toys and just hung out with them.  I even got to paint a few little girls nails!

We served the kids chili and sandwiches.

Like everywhere in the country there were lots of dogs.  Our little boy was smitten with a little puppy they had.

I had brought clothes our kids had out grown, toys, hygiene, and art supplies to pass out to the kids.  I wish I had brought more. I felt bad that I didn’t have bigger clothes for the older kids.

The almost two hours we spent there went by to fast.  It was sad to leave knowing how much more they need.

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