Scenery around the Scotland Highlands

Scotland HighlandsThe scenery throughout Scotland is beautiful, especially in the Scotland Highlands. There are lakes and rivers every where.
While we were over there we spent one of our weekends driving from Elgin, Scotland over to the Isle of Skye. It was a fairly short drive, just a few hours. Driving was a little scary. Almost all of the roads outside of the little towns are only wide enough for one car. There are spots where the road widens enough so if needed you can pull to the side and let the oncoming car pass.
These are just a few of the photos we snapped along the way. I know they are not the best photos, but I decided to share them anyway. Even photos taken while driving turn out pretty good in Scotland, but I guess that is not too surprising in a stunningly beautiful country. I must say that after living in Vegas for so long it was shocking and almost strange to see all that green!
Scotland Highlands
There were sheep everywhere in Isle of Skye. All of them had random colors on them. I assume this is how the farmers kept track of them.
the Isle of Skye
Scotland Highlands
Scotland Highlands
the Isle of Skye
This picture below was one of the cutest towns we came across, Pitlochry.  It’s a theater town.  Unfortunately I did not get tickets ahead of time and by the time we got into town the shows were sold out. So, if you think you may visit there be sure to get theater tickets ahead of time.
Scotland Highlands

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