Free or Cheap E-books

Did you know that everyday Kindle offers hundreds of books for free?

Most of the books listed here are free. If they are not free then they are under $3. I actually read all of these books last year and liked them enough to recommend them. I’ve gotten to where I really enjoy Ebooks. Although they are shorter than books I would normally read, it’s nice to be able to finish them quickly with three kids around.
This one is a light read. It’s funny and romantic with a happy ending.

This one had a happy ending, but a little too predictable.

 This was a great read.

I wouldn’t normally read this kind of book,but it wasn’t bad.

UnEnchanted was a good book. It is the first one in what will become a series as they are written. I didn’t realize it was for teenagers or I probably would not have downloaded it. It was good enough that I may read the next one when it comes out.

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  1. ParkerMama

    Some great titles here! Thanks for sharing!


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