Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, Spain

Walking through the Gothic district of Barcelona, Spain not far from Las Ramblas is like taking a step back in time. It used to be known as the “Cathedral District” and it’s what is left of the Roman and middle ages. Now days it is called the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona and the architecture is amazing here.

I enjoyed the Gothic area for many reasons. One because it’s a great place to cool off in the hot months! Even when it was 89 degrees outside it seemed only 69 degrees. The buildings are so close together at times the sun can get into the streets making it much cooler. It did open up occasionally in common areas.

Gothic District Barcelona Spain

Gothic District Barcelona Spain
Gothic District Barcelona Spain
Gothic District Barcelona Spain
Another reason we loved it here was the Pablo Picaso museum is located here.  I saw on some websites that they say to skip this museum.  I on the other hand think it’s a fascinating museum.  I think Picaso is somewhat of a sick freak and one of the room in particular will verify this, but other than that one room it’s great. (Keep this in mind when taking children here. If your a prude American like me, then you will not want your kids seeing that room!)

Picaso Museum Barcelona Spain
Picaso Museum Barcelona Spain
We enjoyed the off beat feel and the randomness. It’s obviously a tourist area, but it did not have a touristy feel.  We saw these little statues on the way to the Picaso Museum outside of a store.


Gothic District Barcelona Spain

Gothic District Barcelona Spain

I can’t wait to take my kids to Barcelona someday.

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  1. EverywhereAmy

    My trip to Barcelona was far too brief, and I didn’t make it to this area of the city. I wish I had! Beautiful!


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