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Looking for a place to eat breakfast in Seattle?
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Some how or another our family stumbled upon Voula’s Offshore Cafe in downtown Seattle, Washington in the University district. It’s a delicious little cafe that was featured on Food Networks’ Dinners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. I thought because the restaurant had been features on the Food Network they would have huge line, but at 11 AM on a Saturday we were immediately seated.

Voula's Offshore Cafe Seattle
They did not have a kids menu, but you can get just pancakes. They’ll even make your kiddo a Mickey Mouse pancake. The Mickey Mouse pancake was huge and cheaper than the stack of two regular pancakes. I think the pancakes were around $6, but the Mickey Mouse pancake was $3.50.

Voula's Offshore Cafe Seattle
I got the Pinata Eggs Benedict, one of their signature dishes, and recommended by Guy Fieri. It’s a heavy meal and next time I would split it, but it was good!

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Voula’s Offshore Cafe
658 NE Northlake Way

Seattle, WA 98105
MON-FRI  6 am – 3 pm
SAT-SUN   am – 2 pm



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    We had so much fun in Seattle last week hanging out in all the museums. I wish I had of seen this post last week, my daughter would have loved Mickey Mouse pancakes. Maybe it would have lessened the blow of flying into LAX and hearing all the kids on the plane talking about going to see Mickey Mouse and knowing she wasn’t leaving the airport … oh did she do some superb pouting!

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