Sandcastle Playground at Regatta Grounds Park in Lincoln City, Oregon

Regatta Park in Lincoln City is a stunning place on Devil’s lake.

While we were staying in Newport we drove over so the kids could play on the playground. The playground is one of the best in that area.

Although the wind was awful at the beach, this park was far enough away that it didn’t effect this lake. We couldn’t even get our kite to fly here. The have a small dock that you can fish off of.
Regatta Park in Lincoln City, OR Regatta Park in Lincoln City, OR
We came here because we read about the Sandcastle playground. Sandcastle playground is a massive wooden playground for kids.
Sandcastle Playground at Regatta Park in Lincoln City, OR Sandcastle Playground at Regatta Park in Lincoln City, OR
It was an excellent playground and worth the drive from Newport.

I need to mention the bathrooms here. They were pretty rough and you should try to make sure your kids go potty before coming here. They smelled bad and had no doors on the stalls.

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