Keeping Kids Safe in Today’s World with Family by Sygic

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Keeping your kids safe in today’s world is a never ending job and my sponsor, Family by Sygic, is helping parents keep their kids safe with the use of an app. Most tweens and teens have phones and most have phones with access to the Internet. So, it only makes sense to use our phones as part of keeping kids safe.

  • Family by Sygic is an app that lets you share location with your kids and family using the one thing we always carry around – the Smartphone. It keeps you all in touch, lets you see where everybody is in real-time and gives you peace of mind.

  • Family by Sygic was awarded by the largest parent-testing community Parent Tested Parent Approved.

My tween is starting to do things on his own, like meeting kids at a coffee shop, walking to school, and catching buses to other schools occasionally for sports. I get nervous not knowing exactly where he is at all times, so I got the Family by Sygic app for our phones. With this app I’m teaching him to be safe and responsible.

  • Family by Sygic can teach your kids responsibility and self-reliance and give you peace of mind at the same time. You don’t have to keep calling your kids all the time to check on them.  Kids can “check-in” to tell you where they are. The app will send you the parent an “alert” with their exact location.
  • The app lets you setup safe and unsafe zones. If your child goes into an unsafe zone you are immediately notified.


The poor children that suffer from having a lunatic mother.

Recently, I became that crazy lunatic mom and it all could have been avoided if I had the Family by Sygic app on our phones. Here’s what happened.

I needed to pick up my oldest son, Noah, from track, but I couldn’t find my youngest son, Jonah. He was playing in the neighborhood somewhere. (Yes, that’s right. I’m the mom that can’t find their kid, because I suck at keeping tabs on him. He’s the third child and well…….you know how it goes.) I’m yelling his name, asking the other kids if they know where he is and getting very agitated.

I jump in the car with my daughter to drive around to find Jonah, because we are now running very late. I did not stop to grab my cell phone or put on some shoes. (It’s the no shoes part that I feel takes me from being that crazy mom to full on lunatic mom.) We find Jonah and immediately drive to the school. At the school there is not a kid in sight. I’m only 15 minutes late and I can’t believe there are no kids around. I have to send my daughter who is a 3rd grader into the school to look for Noah, because I have on NO FREAKING SHOES! She returns without him. I proceed to drive a different way home to see if Noah is walking.

We get all the way home without having spotted him. I am now having a heart attack. I run in the house and grab my cell phone. No missed calls, no texts, no anything. While I put on my shoes I call his friend’s mother to see if she has him. She does not have him, but wonders why he isn’t at the high school. The high school?!?!?! Apparently a bus picked the kids up and took them to the high school to practice, but I didn’t know. Nobody bothered to tell me. We jump in the car and go pick him up at the high school where he was waiting with a bunch of other kids, because they had just gotten done. He has no clue at the drama that had just gone on.

It’s moments like these that makes it hard to be a military wife 2,000 miles from family, but at least I have an app now that I can track my kids down with! It was easy to teach the kids to use and they understand it’s important for them to use it. You can only imagine how much I love Family by Sygic app and not going to crazy town every time I lose a kid.

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107 Responses to “Keeping Kids Safe in Today’s World with Family by Sygic”

  1. Kevin L

    I would say allow your kids a bit of freedom to gain a bit of trust in themselves first and foremost before making them fear the world. Sometimes I think we have everything backwards. Teaching them to be fearful of the world doesn’t teach them to have trust in themselves to do the right thing in the moment.

    Kevin 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    My kids are too small (2 and 6) to do things by themselves, but they both have black eyes right now from falls- I don’t have any tips to keep them safe from tripping!
    Also, fleeing the house with no shoes- made me smile!
    Fantasticafternoon at yahoo dot com

  3. Savingwith Saveone

    Making sure you know where the kids are at all times is a great way to keep them safe and get them a cell phone even at a young age so they can call for you or other help in an emergency.
    Chavonne H

  4. greenhome

    Always know where they are.

  5. Beanscoupons

    Never assume, the moment we stop and assume they’ll do something or will know something is when they get into trouble. Guidance and boundaries 🙂

  6. Krys V.

    I teach them how to defense themselves and always a good communication 🙂

  7. Crystal E

    Make sure that you know where they are and how you can reach them. Practice safety with them, ensure that you contact the person that they are supposed to be with so that they know where you can be reached in case of emergency

  8. krystel warden

    to defend themselves and if they see a stranger walking up to them tell a guardian or run away

  9. peg42

    To make sure your kids are not alone and with another kid or two. Never talk to strangers and don’t be afraid to run away if they suspect something odd.
    Thanks so much.

  10. Barbie Squires

    I talk to my kids about the dangers, age appropriate of course. I feel it is very important to educate them, as well as do other things for precaution. I have lots of rules in place for safety. But I feel communication and preparing kids on how or what to do in certain situations is very important.

  11. Nancy Hall

    Try and make sure they are with at least one friend when they are out and about. I feel that there is safety in numbers.

  12. lisagee1234

    Make sure they can call you with their own prepaid phone.

    (lisa lo) RC form

  13. Paula V

    Teach them safe practices with social networks and technology like mis use of phones, email, websites that will give out too much private information.

  14. Anonymous

    It’s always best to know where your children are especially when they are teenagers.

  15. Rossalla

    Keep an eye on them. 🙂

  16. XiicepinkiX

    Teaching them at an early age to not go in the road and if your going to cross look both ways.

  17. Anonymous

    Teach them about stranger danger and supervise whenever possible

    Carmen Q

  18. Jelli

    Be sure that they know your phone number.

  19. David Rainey

    Know where they are and who they are hanging out with. Give them lots of lessons and guidance. Teach them self defence, very important.

  20. NenaS

    Make sure you can talk to your kids, keep the lines of communication open and let them know they can tell you anything.

  21. Susan Broughton

    Teach and educate them as to what to do in emergency situations. When at home practice drills for emergency situations are good too

  22. steve weber

    make sure you have communication with them before they leave the house.

  23. 2012july

    Know where they are. Teach them to let you know if they change their plans and go somewhere else.

  24. Carla Bonesteel

    I feel that parents need to be HONEST with kids, and teach them about the world, rather than sheltering them, and pretending that things don’t exist…an educated child is going to make better decisions.

  25. Cathy Shaw

    Until they are teens, make sure there is adult supervision wherever kids congregate or play.

  26. Anita A.

    I tell my kids they have to stay with me where ever we go (ie
    mall, laundromat, etc) if he gets lost to go to the police, security or register.

  27. Lisa F.

    Teach kids not to be oblivious to their surroundings. Be alert when listening with earbuds, don’t get too distracted by their phones where they won’t see what’s around them.

  28. Samantha D.

    Teaching them common sense, and how to think for themselves. Not just school smarts but how to live and interact in the real world. As a kid I’d walk to and from school alone, no cell phone, my parents would be at work. But i’d have my house key and if there was an emergency i’d call someone on the emergency number list. As for walking or riding my bike alone I’d know where all my friends lived and could go to if I felt I was being followed or if I was in trouble. Our school had a program that they’d give the parents a bright yellow paper with a big black star on it so they could put it in their window so the school kids would know these are houses that you could go to in a dire emergency. Never really a need for them but I thought it was a great program. It felt that the community actually cared and looked out for each other.

  29. Kim Hardy

    Hire a body guard…lol

  30. lemonlaurie

    I have my son check in with me when he goes to a friends house and when he is on his way home.

  31. Kate Fuller

    Have them check in whenever they’re coming or going.

  32. Kelly Urban

    I teach them if they are lost to find an employee or a mom or dad with kids to help.

  33. Elena

    My tip is to have a gps tracking on their phone to know where they are

  34. stacey dempsey

    It is a good idea to not say dont talk to strangers etc as they dont always know what that means. I rather like to say things like, if someone wants you to get in their car what do you think the best thing to do would be and we talk about that etc , and knowing where they are and who they are with is very important I always told them if they got lost and didnt know who to ask for help (like at a park etc) that they should find a mom with kids and ask them, to kids a janiotrs uniform looks like police etc. And I do like them to have a cell phone as well.

  35. Janet W.

    Teach them early about not talking to strangers or giving out personal information.

  36. Stephanie Larison

    Teach them your address and phone number as soon as possible.

  37. Barbara

    I talk to my kids about the dangers, age appropriate of course.

  38. Sheraz Ahmad

    Keep an eye on them.

  39. tanya devenney

    know where there at all times when they are a certain age, when they are older explain to them what dangers are out there

  40. clc408

    Talk to them about staying away from strangers and don’t put their names on anything that can be readily seen. Also it’s good to have a code word that only you and they know so they know if a message is really from you.

  41. anna

    Have them learn phone number and address as soon as possible

  42. Anonymous

    I teach them to pay attention to their gut instincts.

  43. Olivia L

    I won’t always be there with my kids, so it’s important to me that they practice problem-solving and learn independence skills. I want them to learn to keep themselves safe, and not necessarily for me to do that.

  44. Kelly Nicholson

    What tip do you have for keeping kids safe?

    i dont have kids..thats the safest but least fun way

  45. Katie Contests

    Make sure a responsible adult is within earshot

  46. kes may

    This Family by Sygic app is a great idea! I think kids should also be comfortable with the word ‘no’ … not to be defiant towards their parents but to be able to use it when they are in an uncomfortable situation with a stranger! Thank you 🙂

  47. maria

    Make sure they are with an adult.

  48. Joni Mason

    I explain to them the importance of safety anywhere we go and at home too. This new Sygic app would be great! thanks for the giveaway and for sharing about this app!

  49. Amanda

    Holding an adult’s hand when crossing the street.

  50. wigget

    when we were at my workplace, i gave them a piece of paper with my contact info in case we were separated

  51. Holly S.

    Setting boundaries and talking about it often. They may roll their eyes, but they’ll know what to do in most situations. hstorm799{at}gmail{dot}com

  52. Sarah Hayes

    just keeping my eye on them when i can and making sure I know where theyre going and whos going to be there

  53. price21100

    I keep my eye on him at all times!

  54. Kathy

    We’ve taught fight or flight. Karate for the fight and run for the flight.

  55. sarah

    teach them about safety and have them hang out in groups
    sarah hirsch

  56. Kasey Campos

    Teach them everything you can and hope they take that with them everyday and remaine happy healthy and safe

  57. kam726

    i make sure they always know how to reach me and have a buddy with them

  58. debra pauley

    im sure i know where they are

  59. Nancy

    Make sure your children are well supervised at all times.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  60. wayne dougherty

    We live in a rural area, my son is more concerned about running into a bear or a mountain lion than a stranger. He knows how to scare them off. All the locals carry guns and we are proud and thankful for being able to do so.
    receiverwd at yahoo dot com

  61. wayne dougherty

    Smartphones do not work in our area.
    receiverwd at yahoo dot com

  62. Cheryl Grandy (aka: 2012july)

    Oops. On the Raffelcopter giveaway I meant to click on “Follow via GFC. I accidentally clicked on “subscribe.” I couldn’t delete the entry. Sorry.

  63. meegan whitford

    To always know where they are talk to them about the dangers and to not go with anyone they do not know.

  64. Christina Howell

    I am teaching my little boy about how to cross a street, the importance of letting an adult know where you are at all times, and about strangers.

  65. Tracy Cotton Pickin Cute

    Hi Meagan I’m really enjoying your blog and look forward to seeing more of it! I always told my son and my grandchildren that if anyone were ever to try to make you leave a store or other public place, you scream and kick. Never believe their threats even when they say they will hurt your loved ones, it’s a lie, always, always scream and run. It’s such a shame that we have to tell our kids these things but we see these things happening way too often on the news.

    Thanks for the chance to win. I’ll hope you’ll stop by to visit if you get the chance.
    Hugs…Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

  66. Anonymous

    teach them stop, drop, and roll and other fire safety rules too!
    flyergal82 aT (yahoo) /dot/ Com%

  67. Kathryn Depew

    I’m teaching her to stay with me when we are out and not run off where I can’t see her at all times.

  68. Maegan Morin

    I have taught my children to stay with me at all times when we are in a store or mall or something like that. Im also not opposed to using baby leashes… my parents did it to me and i survived lol.

  69. Brynn

    Be very strict about staying with mom and dad at all times and if they dont then they aren’t allowed to come shopping. Also always teach about stranger danger

  70. Dawn Ganey

    Check in with kids by checking their internet & phone usage to keep them away from predators.

  71. EverythingSarah

    when they are little watch them like a hawk and when they get older monitor everything they do on the internet and befriend their friends that are a good influence on them

  72. jakiesmom

    When we go to big events like fairs I put our number in his pocket in case he gets lost

  73. Cathy C

    Teach them when something feels wrong…ask for help!

  74. Daniel M

    limit online activity, don’t trust strangers, if it’s too good to be true then it’s not – regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

  75. Nora Driskel

    I write my cell phone number on their arms with sharpie just in case when they might get separated.

  76. Angela Cash

    We teach safety by making sure the kids know how to respond to situations that may arise. They have phone numbers for various relatives and know what to do if they get lost, injured, etc.

  77. caryn coates

    I always know where my children are at all times

  78. sottovoce

    I am obsessive about teaching my children safety…a bit over protective I guess, but they are aware of their environment and have a healthy respect for stranger danger. I also keep a close eye on them.

  79. TarynPasco916

    keep a close eye on them and educate them about dangerous situations.

  80. Becca Ann

    I keep my eye on them at all times.. when I can’t I trust they know what to do with what I have taught them

  81. Jeanette J

    Know who their friends are and practice different scenarios and what they should do about them

  82. hbbs55

    have a plan before that they know what and where to go if separted

    rafflecopter-Holly chernoff

  83. annemarie562000

    We got my boyfriend’s daughter a cell phone, so she can call us if there is an emergency.


  84. slehan

    This makes me glad I never had kids. I wouldn’t know how to keep them safe 30 years ago when I would have had them.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  85. MichelleS

    Make sure you get those ID kits if you take them to an event so that perchance a kind soul will find your child and alert you.

  86. Colette S

    Give kids simple rules and explain why. If they don’t understand why, then it wont make sense

  87. Krystal Miller

    I would say, make sure they know what to do if something goes wrong. It’s proabably silly, but one of the things I learned when I was a kid that if someone tried to get you to get into the car with them, turn around and run away. It will take longer for the car to turn around, giving you time to get to safety!

  88. crystalf

    If you are out and about, keep your kids in sight at all times. Make sure they know the limits of where they are allowed to go and that they stick to them. thank you!
    crystalfaulkner2000 at yahoo dot com

  89. Thomas Chappell

    I like to try to let my daughter be indented but keep an eye on her without her knowing but if she does something wrong I am sure to explain to her what she did wrong nd how she could have done it differently. She is 6 but she acts older.

  90. susan1215

    I always know where my children are and they all carry cell phones and check in every now and then. If they are playing outside they know to come in before it gets dark and don’t go to anyone houses that I don’t know the family.

  91. sd4david

    Make sure they have trusted adults in their lives, and know to scream if they feel are in danger,

  92. Bill Elliott

    Never leave them outside unattended when they are small

  93. Mya Murphy

    I don’t have children, so I wouldn’t really know. I would assume, watch them!

  94. Sharon Braswell

    We didn’t have cell phones when my daughter was growing up! They are truly a blessing now! I always made sure I knew where my daughter was and checked in with her via land line phones. She was either at school, with friends or relatives, when not with me.I was blessed that she was always safe!I always made sure she knew her phone# and address when she was younger, in case she needed me and of course to never talk to strangers!

  95. Thomas Murphy

    Don’t talk to strangers.

  96. Kim (Randominities)

    We make sure we know each other schedules.

  97. Donna Kellogg

    communication is very important

  98. Vikki Billings

    I think the most important thing to keeping kids safe is knowing where they are or where they are going. Another would be making sure to explain to them that anyone can be a danger.

  99. lmurley2000

    my kids are trained to let me know where and when and how long they are gone and will be gone

  100. MANDY83

    always make sure they have a way to contact you

    Amanda Sakovitz

  101. Denise Donaldson

    never take your eyes off them for one second.

  102. Megan R

    My tip is to teach them how to keep themselves safe. Obvious things like don’t talk to strangers, but also they should know the home phone number or a parent’s cell number from a young age so they can call if something happens.

  103. Tamara

    Always know what your children are up to!

  104. ladyt64

    Let your kids take some form of martial arts. It’s good for self defense and also is great exercise.


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