Papa Haydn – Portland, OR

Papa Haydn is the place to go in Portland for dessert. They have a location on the East side and the West side.

Papa Haydn Portland, Oregon
Dessert Case at Papa Haydn West

Papa Haydn Portland, Oregon
Baked Alaska

Papa Haydn Portland
Autumn Meringue

Papa Haydn Portland, Oregon
6 Layer Glace

where to get dessert in Portland

I had the pleasure of going here twice last week. I had actually never been here before and there was one near the violin shop I was going to. So, after hearing about it, I decided it was time to finally try it. It didn’t take long to figure out why it’s so popular.

where to get dessert in Portland
Humming Bird Cake

I split a lunch with my friend, because we wanted to make sure to have room for dessert! This is half of the Reuben, which was more than enough. Papa Haydn has good food too.

Papa Haydn Portland, Oregon

Papa Haydn Portland, Oregon
Papa Haydn – East

The restaurant on the East side was opened in 1978 and was remodeled in 2007. They did a great job preserving the beauty of the building and added a heated patio and bar.

Papa Haydn East
5829 SE Milwaukie Ave
Portland, OR 97202

Papa Haydn Portland, Oregon

Papa Haydn Portland, Oregon

Papa Haydn Portland, Oregon

Papa Haydn on Urbanspoon

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16 Responses to “Papa Haydn – Portland, OR”

  1. Staci Luker

    Oh my goodness! I am so hungry now!

  2. Raine Pal

    OMG! I love it all. Salivating now.

  3. Suzannah Hamlin Stanley

    I’ve never been to the eastside one but I used to go to Papa Haydn West on 23rd for special things in high school. I remember the French onion soup more than I remember which dessert I had, but they are all super impressive!!

  4. Sarah-Louise Bailey

    That looks amazing! If I’m ever in the area I shall definitely pop in 🙂 x

  5. Lisa Ladrido

    You made me so hungry!! Those desserts looks delicious! If I make it down to Portland again I am sure to check this place out! Thank you!

  6. OrangeMew

    I don’t really like desserts- I prefer savory over sweet- but I have to admit, all those desserts you show look so beautiful and rich!

  7. Breige McBride

    I am drooling. Those are great size portions, I’m so hungry now!

  8. Savingwith Saveone

    Oh wow! Now if this place was near me I’d be there all the time, no joke. The Baked Alaska looks delicious!

  9. Victoria

    This looks delicious. I may have to take a road trip.

  10. Sonja

    Those are some fancy looking desserts! Bet they taste as good as they look, too!

  11. Ann

    They sure look good, especially the hummingbird cake.

  12. brooke lyn

    nom, nom, nom! i haven’t been in forever. need to make a reason to go or no reason at all! either way it needs to happen 🙂

  13. Krista Bainbridge

    Those desserts look amazing!! I need a treat now! <3

  14. Lisa Goodmurphy

    Those desserts look heavenly!!

  15. Bee Talmadge

    Papa Haydn’s is a big favorite among many of my friends–I think it may have ruined my sweet tooth lol–great pictures though!!


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