6 Kid’s Travel Necessities All Parents Need

Traveling with kids brings an assortment of travel challenges and maybe even a headache or two. Here are a few items that will hopefully make your next kid’s travel trip easier. These are all items that have made my life easier, especially when we were driving 3,000 miles across the country. (Just so you know 3,000 miles in 9 days is torture. Thanks AF!)

A sun shade to help the kids stay more comfortable in the car.

If you are traveling at night then it’s nice to have a portable light. My daughter reads a lot in the car, so this comes in handy.

If you are in the middle of potty training then you will literally be thrilled how much easier the fold-able potty thing is.

Going through airports with young kids? Get them a Trunki. It’s a carry one and they can ride on it through the airport.

Kid’s Travel Necessities
Traveling with childrenKid's travel
Travel items that will make it easier to travel with kids. #travel #kids #familytravel

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