Andina: Peruvian Cuisine in Portland, Oregon

Piso sour at AndinaAndina is a popular Peruvian restaurant in downtown Portland in the Pearl district. The multi-level restaurant was awesome. It had a neat atmosphere.
While we waited for a table we watched the craziness of the open kitchen cranking out food as fast as they could. We only had to wait 15 minutes for a table on a Saturday night, which for Portland is amazing.
The meal started off with bread and three dipping sauces a jalapeño  sauce, passion fruit sauce, and some sort of peanut sauce. All the sauces were tasty.
 Andina Restaurant Portland, Oregon

Next, we shared a small salad which was plenty for two. The salad is one of their small plates that can come in small, medium, or large. All their Peruvian tapas can be ordered that way. Although there were lots of tapas on the menu the salad was the  only one we tried.

Andina Restaurant Portland, Oregon
Instead of tapas we ordered from their entrees menu. This one is the lamb entree. It was a huge portion.
Andina Restaurant Portland, Oregon
The salmon was phenomenal, my daughter loved it. salmon at Andina
I ordered one of the specials flank steak with chimichurri sauce. It was a wonderful meal! I do not know what to call the vegetable rice stack, but it was so good.
Andina Restaurant Portland, Oregonrabbit at Andina
These next plate was some sautéed veggies with an empanada.
We finished the meal off with dessert. We had the flan which was good, but thicker then flan I’ve had before. Andina had a bunch of unusual sorbets on their menu we had some sort of raspberry hazelnut sorbet.
Andina Restaurant Portland, OregonWe also had a pecan macaroon that was amazing. pecan macaroon at Andina

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