Edelweiss Lodge and Resort

Edelweiss Lodge and ResortEdelweiss Lodge and Resort

Edelweiss Lodge and Resort is an awesome place to stay, if you’re military!

It is located right in Garmisch, but is only for US military members and their families. The room rates vary based on the military person’s rank. The lower the rank the cheaper the room. The higher the rank, the more expensive it is for the same exact room. This is the same as all other military lodges. My husband is on 04 so a regular room for us in an almost sold out situation was $149 a night, when some only had to pay $89 a night. This was in dollars. not Euros, so in my opinion, this was probably the cheaper option for us even with the higher price.

They do run specials, but again we didn’t qualify because of rank. It is worth checking their site though, because you never know. They also offer tours, but if you have a car it is much cheaper to do the things they offer on your own.

The rooms are great. We stayed in a regular room the first night. We had plenty of room and free wifi. The regular rooms only have one bathroom, but they also have an extra sink and mirror in the room. There was a mini fridge in the room and a coffee pot.

The property has lots of amenities like a

  • pool
  • small playground
  • multiple restaurants
  • an arcade
  • spa
  • gym
  • laundry room (We were able to get all of our laundry done for $2 down in the laundry room.)
Edelweiss regular room

Both of our rooms had spectacular views of the mountains. The weather was fairly bad while we were, so I can only imagine how amazing the view would have been if the clouds had cleared. Both rooms were also quite and we were able to get good rest. Edelweiss Lodge


Family Suite

The next night we stayed in a suite which meant a room just like the night before, except with a living room with a pull out couch. It also was one and a half bathrooms instead of just one. The full bathroom had a shower and a bathtub. It had a microwave too.P1010402



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8 Responses to “Edelweiss Lodge and Resort”

  1. Sarah Renee

    Beautiful!! Looks like fun!

  2. Tonya

    The room looks great, but I’m surprised you were able to do all your laundry for $2!

    • Meagan

      I know right. It was $1.25 to wash and .75 cents to dry. At our next hotel in Munich is cost me 18 Euros to do one load.

  3. Sarah

    That looks so nice!

  4. Laura @Travelocafe

    Wow! It’s sounds like a great place to be.

  5. Lara

    What a great family adventure! I would love to visit and of course, teach my kids to sing Edelweiss 😉

  6. Amy

    We actually stayed there in March because we were traveling with a military family. It was quite a surprise because when we lived their 20+years ago it wasn’t that fancy and the place we stayed had been torn down. We thought we were headed to the original place. Loved the ginormous fireplace.

    • Meagan

      It was our first time and your story explains why I had heard not so great things about it. I had super low expectations and LOVED it.


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