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Disney Pedicure and Disney manicure Ideas
A fun way to add excitement about going to Disney World  Minnie Mouse nailsis getting a Disney manicure and a Disney pedicure

I had considered Disney pedicure and Disney manicure before, but for whatever reason never got around to it. This year I finally got my act together and managed to get mine and my daughters nails done before we went to Disney World. Mainly because once I started looking at designs on Pinterest I just couldn’t resist.

The gal I go to for shellac manicures came up with my Disney manicure which is a Minnie Mouse nail design. She painted on the bows and then added a little crystal in the middle. How cute is that?!

Then you can see I opted for a Minnie Mouse pedicure too. This one is so easy you could do it yourself. Just paint your toes pink, add white dots and paint a Minnie Mouse on your big toes.

Eden got blue nails with white dots  and a Mickey Mouse on her thumbs and big toes.

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These were the Disney nails on Pinterest that I found inspiring. These Disney manicures and Disney pedicures were the ones I showed to the nail technicians. We had three different nail techs and they were like “yeah right”.

Despite not getting the craziest most over the top design possible we loved our nails! From now on we will being doing this before each Disney World trip.

Oh and lots of the characters at Disney complemented my daughter on her nails! I love how all the cast members pay attention to stuff like that. 

*Keep in mind that if you are taking your daughter to the Bibbidi Bobbidi boutique they will paint her nails. So, stick to just a Disney pedicure. You do not want to pay for an elaborate manicure they end up taking off. If you want to know more about what to expect at the Bibbidi Bobbidi boutique be sure and check out my daughters experience. Mickey mouse Nails

Micky Mouse Nails

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Disney Nails
Getting a Disney themed manicure or pedicure is a fun way to add excitement leading up to your vacation. See lots of Disney themed nails including Mickey Mouse & Monster Inc. nails.

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  1. Leslie H (tripswithtykes)

    These are so so cute. Will have to do this with my daughter for our Disneyland trip…


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