18 Indoor activities in Portland for Kids

indoor activities in Portland ORChances are if you are in Portland for any length of time you will find yourself looking for something to do indoors. Does it rain everyday in Portland? No! But it does rain a lot. Sometimes for a week straight and sometimes for a month straight. Having lived here for almost 6 years (off and on) we have become acquainted with many fun indoor places for kids.

18 Indoor Activities in Portland, Oregon

    1. Playdate PDX – Massive indoor play park with a cafe and free wifi. While your kids climb, slide, and play their hearts out you can sip a latte and surf the web. Costs $8 during the week and $12 a kid on the weekend.
    2. G6 – There are several G6 locations around town and they are all great and a little different from each other. For about $12 your kid can jump on their trampolines for 2 hours. (G6 Airpark Deal: 2 hrs of trampoline time for $10 )
    3. JJ Jump – JJ Jump is a bounce house place. They have a room for toddlers, one for kids, and one for older kids. Cost is $8 a kids (JJ Jump Deal: 4 passes for $10 )
    4. Dave and busters – Finally, Portland has a Dave and Busters out in Clackamas. It’s a restaurant and an arcade.
    5. OMSI – This is a huge science museum with hands on exhibits. They even have a science playground for kids 6 and under.
    6. Monkey King – Another fun indoor play park with slides and more. $8 weekdays and $10 on the weekends
    7. Chuck E. Cheese – I hear that the nicest Chuckee Cheese around is the one in Vancouver.
    8. East Portland Community Center – Here there is an Indoor park and fantastic indoor swimming pool. This is just one of these types of facilities that are part of the Portland Parks and Rec system. Because it is a community center it is super cheap.

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