ABUELO’S BACON-WRAPPED STUFFED SHRIMPOnce again I have Abuelo’s on my mind. Why, because we are about to go to Orlando and they happen to have one of their restaurants in Kissimmee. If you’ve ever read my travel blog you know I am a freak about Abuelo’s food. It’s my all time favorite restaurant.

Well, every now and then I get lucky and find one of their recipes! Sometimes it’s just a copycat recipe and sometimes it’s the real deal. This time I found one their actual recipes with bacon on their Facebook page! Score!



16/20 Shrimp – as needed 

Jalapeño Slivers – 1 pershrimp

Mixed Cheese – ¼ oz. pershrimp

Bacon slices– 1 per shrimp

10″Skewer – 1 per 3 shrimp

Lawry’s Seasoning Salt – Dash


1.    Using gloved hands.Insert jalapeño sliver into butterfly of shrimp, pushing it into tail sectionfor skewering.

2.    Stuff ¼ oz. mixedcheese into each shrimp.

3.    Press shrimpclosed.

4.    Using one sliceof bacon, place bacon strip across bottom ½” of shrimp and then wind remainingbacon around shrimp toward the tail. Overlap bacon slightly covering entireshrimp

5.    Repeat steps forremaining shrimp, putting 3 shrimp on a skewer.

6.    Lightlyseason both sides of Alambre skewer with Lawry’s seasoning.  Place on a clean grill over medium heat,being careful to cook bacon completely.

NOTE: Do not over season. Over seasoningalong with cooked bacon will cause shrimp to be very salty.

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