McMenamins Anderson School

McMenamins Anderson School
Man oh man, those McMenamins brothers have done it again. I was totally in awe at what they’ve done with the old Anderson School. We drove up to Bothell, Washington just north of Seattle to check it out shortly after it opened and we all loved it.

They completely gutted one of the buildings and turned it into hotel rooms. So, unlike many of their other properties you do not have to share a bathroom. All the rooms have their own bathroom! The rooms are oversized and include a table to sit at and a couch that makes into a queen size bed. Another big change from the other properties I’ve stayed at was the tv. These rooms have cable tv.


So, I was happy because we had lots of space and Noah was happy because their was a tv he could hook his Playstation too. (Yes, I let him travel with a gaming system. Before you judge me, you try traveling with teenagers!) And the other two were just happy to be there. 


One of the highlights of staying here is swimming in their massive pool. They have an almost olympic size heated salt water pool. When you stay here you get to use it. If you are a Bothell resident then you can use the pool without staying here.

McMenamins Anderson School


The Shed at Menamins Anderson School

You can’t have a McMenamins hotel without having a shed there and that’s why the only building they actually added to the property was The Shed. It has an incredible inside/outside fireplace. It’s a great place to grab a beer.

The Shed at Menamins Anderson School

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