Doug Russell Pool

Every now an then the kids and I stumble across an awesome local spot that visitors wouldn’t necessarily know about and that is exactly what happened the other day in Midland, Texas. I was chatting with a friend about taking the kids to a pool in Odessa and she casually mentioned that many of her friends take their kids over to Midland to the Doug Russell pool. Now she didn’t elaborate at all so imagine my surprise when I googled this pool and saw how awesome it was and that it only costs $3. I can’t believe in all our trips to West Texas that no one had mentioned this swimming pool to us before!

While we were there I took took some quick video so you can see exactly what to expect. You will notice that there is hardly any shade.

Unfortunately they do not let you take in your own food. They do have a snack bar with $1.50 water & $4 nachos. They had lots of other options as well, but since this was all I bought they are the only items I can recall. I know there was ice cream.

My kids love the rock climbing wall that they could jump off of into the water and the three water slides. I loved the chairs that you could sit on in the water. Probably because it was 106 degrees the day we went.

Don’t forget that they are closed on Tuesdays!

Midland community pool

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