Stop Motion Sickness with Reliefband #LifeChangingTech

Reliefband alleviates motions sickness nausea.My entire life I have suffered from motion sickness and as I get older it is getting worse. As a child it was brutal to ride in the back of the car anywhere. And as an adult this is still the case. I am often on work trips having to share a van or an uber and I have to explain to everyone I am with that I need to sit upfront. I often see people multi-tasking in cars, but if I look at my phone in a moving vehicle I will get sick.

Last summer I attended a conference that was being held on a boat in NYC. This to me sounded so cool, but when I got there I couldn’t take it. The Hudson river is choppy and the boat was swaying a lot. In between sessions I would get off the boat and sit down outside. The last day I completely gave up and left. I missed half a day’s worth of networking, learning sessions, and interviews. Plus, I missed the closing party where they went out around the Statue of Liberty. I was so bummed, but I just couldn’t take it.

In the last year it has gotten so bad that I feel awful on planes. Used to I could get work done when flying, but now I get motion sick looking at devices. So needless to say when I was ask to review the Reliefband I jumped at the chance.

What is Reliefband?

Releifband is an FDA approved, clinically tested, doctor approved wearable technology life changing device to help control nausea & motion sickness. It’s worn on the underside of your wrist, sending gentle pulses to rebalance the signals that cause nausea and vomiting so you’re back in control of your body in a few minutes. With 5 different settings, you can adjust the pulses to match your body’s needs.


How to use Reliefband

Reliefband is easy to use. Mine came with step by step instructions. I thought it would be more complicated because of the gel component, but it is not. I can put it on as soon as I start to feel bad and within minutes get relief. All you have to do is find the spot on wrist in between 2 tendons, on the underside of the wrist. You clean the area and apply a small drop of gel and spread in a circle about the size of a coin. The gel comes with the Reliefband. The you place the device over that area and the fasten device. Once the Reliefband is on you press the power button to turn it on. You want to start at power level 1 and then increase stimulation until tingling is felt in palm and middle finger. Make sure you are at a comfortable level. If you feel uncomfortable lower the number.


You can get free shipping when you order your own Reliefband here.

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19 Responses to “Stop Motion Sickness with Reliefband #LifeChangingTech”

  1. Internationalcaty

    This is great. I get motion sickness in cars

  2. Amber Myers

    This sounds cool! I’ll have to look into it for my husband. He does get motion sickness.

  3. Ivonne

    Wow, I am impressed! One of my sons gets motion sickness when we go on road trips so this sounds like a wonderful product to calm him in place of filling him with Gravol which knocks him out!

  4. Sassy

    I didn’t know they had these for motion sickness! This is amazing!

  5. Jessica

    I have a friend who has motion sickness and I will pass this on to her. Sounds like this one really works compared to some others I have seen.

  6. Andrea

    I get the worse motion sickness. I always have to be the driver that’s how bad it is for me. I so need to try this:)

  7. Diana Villa

    Wow that sounds like an amazing device, glad that it is helping you to feel better! 🙂

  8. Chava Mazal Stark

    I’ll have to give this a try. I get terrible motion sickness, mostly headaches.

  9. Whitney

    Great post I have not suffered from motion sickness before. I believe it will help a lot of people who suffer from it by reading your blog posts.

  10. Meg

    I used a band like this when I was pregnant and suffering from morning sickness – pretty cool to know they help for motion sickness too!

  11. blair villanueva

    Wow this is cool! And looks like a smartwatch 🙂
    Is this also waterproof?


  12. Lulle

    I used to get very sick in the car when I was a kid, I wish such a solution would have existed then! Luckily it got better as I grew older.

  13. Aireona Raschke - Nightborn Travel

    I need to tell my mom about this! She gets motion sickness really badly, and I love roadtrips, so it isn’t a great combo. Maybe this will help out.

  14. Shelby bromley

    I’ll have to look into this! I get wicked motion sickness!

  15. Alessandra

    Oh my gosh this is amazing! Especially for those buses or car trips and a great substitute for actual medicine. Thank you for sharing!

  16. Madame X

    Wow, this is very nice. This technology is very helpful and unique. Is this okay for kids?
    Will absolutely get one even for myself!


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