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You may have detected that the kids and I vacation a lot.  And you may question how it is that I am able to do this.  There are a lot of various ways I have found to save on travel, but it is often times military travel discounts that have assisted our family afford to travel.

gov vacation rewards


Gov Vacation Rewards – Military Travel Discount Site

One of the sites I use is Gov Vacation Rewards a military travel discount site. They have some ridiculous deals on their site. For example a vacation to Mexico at a nice resort in a studio room for only $7 a night! That is pretty much an unbeatable deal! I checked this resort on three other websites and the cheapest price per night I could find was $117. Gov Vacation Rewards beat that nightly rate by $110!

military travel deal

How about a weeklong stay in a one bedroom condo room at a resort in Spain for $399! I checked the price per night on another site and it was $273 a night – 4x more than the price on Gov Vacation Rewards.

Spain military discountHere is a Disney Cruise starting out at $755 a person. If you have ever priced out a Disney Cruise you know that they are not cheap! I went and priced out this same exact cruise on the Disney website and it started out at $1373, so the price on Gov Vacation Rewards is almost half price. military discount Disney cruise

I could keep going with the examples, but I am sure you get my point. I just used the site to book two nights in Bangkok. I was having a really hard time finding a room for a family of 5 over there without spending a lot of money and on their site I found a room for under $150. We are going to be staying at a beautiful hotel in a 3 bedroom unit for #149 a night. Here is a photo of the hotel we are staying at, Anantara Sathorn Bangkok Hotel!

Bangkok Military discount

So what exactly is Government Vacation Rewards? It is a travel discount program for government employees, veterans, and any active duty military person. They have discounts at hotels, resorts, cruises, tours, car rentals, and even on airfare. This is the only site I know of with discounted airfare for military.

Key Gov Vacation benefits:

∙ Receive $150 travel savings credits instantly when you enroll

∙ Military star card approved (I do not have a Military Star card, but if you do this is the only travel site that lets you use your card to book travel!)

∙ Friends and family benefit

∙ Best Value Guarantee

∙ Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend

∙ Partnerships include, MWR, Together We Served, American Legion, and more.

Who is eligible?

∙ Active duty

∙ Retired

∙ Veterans

∙ Military families

∙ Government employees

∙ Civilian contractors

∙ Service members (Fireman, Law Enforcement, FBI)

∙ Coming soon (Teachers)

It’s super easy to sign up and start saving. You can sign up for Gov Vacation Rewards today and they will give you a $150 credit!

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  1. Steve

    There are so many under-used discounts out there for Military personnel and their families, and this is definitely one of those. It’s so hard sometimes to know where to get your discounts, and who honors them.


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