Top 2 Rooftop Bars in Bangkok, Thailand 

The Top 2 Rooftop Bars in Bangkok, Thailand

To kick off your night out in Bangkok find a good rooftop bar. There are a lot of rooftop bars in Bangkok. My two favorite rooftop bars in Bangkok are Above Eleven and Moon Bar.

Above Eleven is on the 33rd floor of Fraser Suites and Moon Bar is on top of the Banyan Tree hotel on the 61st floor. Keep in mind that both of these places have a dress code they enforce. Each is a great place to have a drink while enjoying amazing views of Bangkok. If you are on a budget, know that Above Eleven is cheaper than Moon Bar, but neither are cheap.

Moon Bar

Moon Bar was almost too high up for me. I’m not afraid of heights, but this is way up. Once you get to the top you are greeted with more stairs to go higher. If you have issues with stairs this is probably one you want to skip. Moon Bar is at the top of the Banyan Tree, the very top!

Moon Bar 61 floors above Bangkok 

The drinks were much more expensive here than the first rooftop bar we had tried. So much so, we ended up only having one drink each. They did serve some small complimentary snacks to go with your drink.

There were a lot of people having dinner up here. After I returned back to the states I ran across a deal to eat here for $179 you can get a 4 course meal with a scallop carpacio starter, forest mushroom cream soup, pan seared black cod and tiger prawn or grilled Australian Hereford beef tenderloin, and caramelized bananas with chocolate soil for dessert. Children are allowed to dine here if age 6 or older. 

The views were amazing up here, but the space is small and crowded. I could never quite get a good photo without people in the way.

Above Eleven

Above Eleven is a rooftop bar on the 33rd floor of Fraser Suites with live music every single night. We kicked off one of our nights by heading to this Bangkok rooftop bar. This rooftop bar is spacious and felt uncrowded. We sat at the bar for a while and then were taken upstairs. I mentioned before this one was more affordable. Here you can get a cocktail starting at 280 Baht. I splurged and treated myself to a bottle of Selbach Riesling from Germany for 1,770 Baht, because how many times do you get in your life to drink a bottle of wine on a roof in Bangkok! So far this is the only time I’ve done this. They offer food too. I didn’t have anything, but my friend had sushi. From the way he inhaled it, I assume it’s good.

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