10 Best Bloody Mary’s in Las Vegas

Are you wondering where to find the best Bloody Mary in Vegas?

Great news we have found 10 of them! And they were all fantastic!

If you love  Bloody Marys you are going to love many of the Bloody Mary cocktails offered in Las Vegas. Many of the restaurants and bars in Las Vegas have taken their Bloody Mary’s to an entirely new level. In fact, some of these Bloody Mary’s are an entire meal.

Top 10 Best Bloody Mary’s in Las Vegas

The best bloody mary in Vegas is the Todd English Pub Bloody Mary

1. Todd’s Market Fresh Bloody Mary Experience at Todd English’s Pub at the Crystal shops. (pictured above). What better way to kick off this post than with the outlandish Bloody Mary at Todd English’s Pub. The Bloody Mary drinks here are a little pricey, but they are an entire meal. Keep in mind that these are only available on Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. Lucky's Bloody Mary

2. The Breakfast Bloody Mary at Mr. Lucky’s inside the Hard Rock Hotel combines Belvedere Vodka, spicy tomato, shrimp, a celery stalk, a Slim Jim, beef jerky, a deviled egg, a waffle slider, pickle spear, horseradish and lime for $20.

Colossal Bloody Mary at Hexx

3. The Colossal served at Hexx inside the Paris Casino. It’s made with organic basil-infused vodka is garnished with jumbo shrimp, an Alaskan king crab leg, bacon, a beef stick, peppers and pickled vegetables and delivered in a mini pitcher for $38. These are definitely split-able.

Hangover Recovery Bloody Mary at Guy Fieri’s Kitchen & Bar

4. At Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Bar you can build your own Bloody Mary. Pick out one of five kinds of vodka, choose your leave of spice, select from options like candied bacon, chicken-apple sausage, pepperoni, shrimp, cucumbers, pepper, pineapple, pickle, olives, orange, celery, carrot sticks, pickled vegetables, lemon, lime and jalapeño. This will run you about $40 if you get the 52-ounce punch bowl, $40.
best bloody mary in vegas
5. The Glutton Mary is found at Glutton in downtown Las Vegas near the Container park playground. This bloody Mary is made with kim chee bloody Mary, American Harvest Vodka, shrimp, pickled mushrooms, celery, togarashi chili and costs $18.



  1. says

    I love Bloody Marys and always have a Virgin Mary if I can’t have alcohol. Tomato with a bit of kick. That first photo looks insane – so much food with one drink. How about 2 drinks and half the food 🙂

  2. says

    These all look amazing! I can’t believe the stuff they are putting on their bloody Marys, like deviled eggs and a hot wing-haha! I bet Vegas is THE place for great bloody Marys.

  3. says

    The Bloody Mary cart seems like it would be to my liking as it gives you the best of both worlds – build your own Bloody Mary, but at a reasonable price.

  4. D says

    My husband loves the Bloody Mary’s from
    Culinary Dropout. We’ll have to try out the rest of the list!! Thanks for the suggestions 🙂

  5. Jamie says

    That yummy Peppermill’s pic has me pining for another trip to Vegas just for another sip – and one of their incredible omelettes!

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