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When headed into the Disney parks I highly recommend you take a backpack filled with certain items. Some of these will depend on the age of your child.  Since we have tons of experience at Disney, I’m somewhat of an … Continued

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Once again, my daughter and I got Disney themed pedicures and manicures. We had so much fun having our nails done like this this the year before we figured why not do it again. We have decided to make getting a … Continued

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A fun way to add excitement about going to Disney World and show off your love of all things Disney is by getting a Disney manicure and a Disney pedicure. I had considered getting a Disney pedicure and Disney manicure before, … Continued

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Outfits for Disney I always gather outfits for Disney, because why not. I think Disney outfits are a fun way to add to the fun. And where else can you make your children dress like you! Did you know that … Continued

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Christmas at Disneyland is a wonderful time to visit because both parks are decorated beautifully. They do not just decorate part of the parks, but actually go through and decorate everywhere. Plus, Disneyland and California Adventure have special fireworks, parades, … Continued

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The Disneyland Resort hotel at Disneyland.  They have been remodeling it for sometime and I must say I thought it was extremely nice.  I love the fact that their rooms sleep five people and there is free internet! Here are some photos … Continued

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