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One of my dreams as a mother came true this summer. That dream was to be able to take my children to Italy someday and finally this summer I was able to take my kids to Rome, Florence, and Venice after … Continued

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  One of the marble sculptures we saw in Rome, Italy was breathe taking.  Its the Apollo and Daphne sculpture by Gian Lorenzo Bernini located at the Borghese Gallery.  I had no idea a sculpture could have such exquisite details.  These pictures … Continued

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Are you going on vacation to Rome, Italy any time soon.   If you are make sure to go see the Pantheon.  The Pantheon is is a building in Rome, Italy.  Commissioned by Marcus Agrippa as a temple to all the gods … Continued

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A few days ago I was eating at a restaurant and when I looked at the kids menu there was a picture of the Coliseum and I thought “I still can’t believe I was actually there”.  As a historian I … Continued

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Here are some more pictures of Vatican City and inside the Vatican, including the Madonna. It was hard to take a photo of the Madonna, because the glass barrier is thick. I posted the best photo I managed to get. Vatican … Continued

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Here are some pictures we took from the very top of the Vatican. These pictures make Rome look very green, but I thought Rome was dry and brown.This picture is taken from inside the top of the Vatican.  Be sure to … Continued

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On day two of our trip to Rome we climbed all the way to the top of the Vatican. There was an elevator that would take you up the first 300 stairs or so, but the line was long and we … Continued

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