Half Off Tickets in Las Vegas

half off tickets in las vegas

Half Off Tickets In Las Vegas

I never pay full price for a show in Las Vegas and I think no one should ever pay full price for a show in Las Vegas.

I’m guessing you are like me and would love half price tickets to shows in Las Vegas without standing in line? There are two half price ticket stands in Las Vegas if you do not mind waiting in line. To find cheaper Vegas tickets and potentially half priced tickets without standing in line try one of these discount websites!

Goldstar has awesome deals for show tickets in Las Vegas. Some of the tickets are even more than half off. This is currently my favorite website for finding deals in Las Vegas. I am showing some of the family type shows you can see in the widget, but they have lots of other types of shows as well.

Groupon also has tons of great deals including some of the Vegas shows.


Free show tickets in Las Vegas – If you want completely free tickets I suggest signing up for a time share presentation. This is only worth it if you are getting expensive tickets out of the deal. I would not do this for tickets under $100. Often times, they will give you enough tickets for your whole group just to get you into the presentation. I once got 6 free show tickets doing this.

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