9 Tech Products I Always Travel With

9 Tech Products I Always Travel With

20141014-190247-68567723.jpgThere are certain tech products I always travel with. I guess you could call them my must have items! I know what you are thinking…That’s a lot of tech stuff. Well, it is but we are a family of five and we are a plugged in kind of family.

An external charger. My phone never fails to run out of battery in a situation where there is no power, like the airplane. That’s when this little charger comes in handy. It can fully charge my iPhone at least once. Mine has a flashlight on it too, which I’ve only used once. But hey, when I needed a flashlight I had one. Of course, my iPhone has a flashlight too.

This rubber horn thing that amplify’s sound from an iPhone is pretty sweet too. A resort in Phoenix gave it to me and it took me forever to figure out what it was. Luckily my teenager is more savvy than I and he showed me what it was! I love it. First of all there is no chance of breaking it. It is light weight so it’s not going to weight you down more. Since it is rubber it can be crushed into any available space in your suitcase which is nice.

I also do not carry all of my various chargers, because I have 2 of these all in on adaptor things. I’m not sure what to call it, but it’s got a usb that connects to 4 or 5 different types of outlets. They are extremely handy. I got my teenager one and he seriously thinks this is the best thing ever. (I basically agree with him.)

IMG_5484.JPGThis Thinium Charger is one of my new gadgets that I love. It’s tiny and can charge from a usb port or a traditional household plugin. Here is a quick video overview of how it works.

The other charger always travel with is the Philips wall plate charger.It’s incredibly thin and can charge two regular plugins and two usb plugins ate the same time.

Besides carry the GoPro I also travel with a nice point and shot camera. The Panasonic Lumix ZS40. I love this camera for many reasons.

    • Takes great quality pictures
    • Has built in stabilization
    • App with controls
    • Wifi
    • 30x Zoom!

Last but not least a mini tripod. You just never known when your gonna need a tripod, but I don’t like traveling with my big one. That’s way I carry a tiny one. I bought mine off a random street vendor in Rome.




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