Touring the San Andreas Fault Near Palm Springs

Touring the San Andreas Fault Near Palm Springs

San Andreas FaultDesert Adventures offers one of a kind tour experiences in the greater Palm Springs area. They offer a variety of tours including:

  • Indian Canyon Jeep and Hiking Tour
  • Painted Canyon/Mecca Hills Jeep tour
  • Joshua Tree National Park Van/Suv tour
  • Palm Springs City and Celebrity Home tour
  • San Andreas Fault tour.


The kids and I went on their San Andreas Fault tour and although it was a little toasty outside we had the best time. I knew we would learn some stuff about the fault, but what I didn’t expect is to learn the history of the area, the Native Americans that lived there, the plants, current day farming techniques, and so much more. Red Jeep Tours From the moment we met our guide Phil he was fun and engaging. It can be difficult to hold a teenagers attention, much less a tween and a school age kid too. As we drove through town he gave us an in-depth history of the area. As we passed farm land he taught us about the irrigation methods farms are currently using and explained the waterways we were driving past as well. I just cannot emphasis enough how much in-depth knowledge our guide possessed.Dessert Adventures Palm Springs Desert Adventures is the only tour company with private access to the 800 acre Metate Ranch. It’s out on this ranch where you get to experience the fault. Now those of you that don’t do well off roading don’t worry. There’s no off roading. If you want you can take a short hike, which of course we did. I hate to even use the word hike because really it’s just a short walk, but our guide referred to it as hiking. We walked through an extremely narrow crevice in between the rocks which was super fun for the kids. Hiking San Andreas Fault A small section features a recreated a Cahuilla Native American village. We got to see how they lived and each of the kids received a new Native American name. Noah was named Wise Eagle, Eden Flowering Owl, and Jonah Smiling Eagle. Once again I was blown away how in-depth Phil went in educating us on the Cahuilla Indians. 


I highly recommend this tour if you have tweens and teens.

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