Water Proof Camera: A Must when Traveling

Water Proof Camera: A Must when Traveling

Have you ever had a camera that you just adore?

I do! It’s my GoPro. I like it so much that I carry 4 different types of GoPros with me when we travel. (No, I am not kidding. One for each of us!)

Last year I found myself in Honduras climbing waterfalls and snorkeling in amazing reefs and I didn’t have a waterproof camera. Trust me, you do not want this to be you, it is so painful to do all that cool stuff and capture none of it. I only wish I had one of these cameras then. After doing some research I decided to get a GoPro Hero 3. After using this camera the last few months I now consider it one of my must have items while traveling. Since using this camera I have used many other types of GoPros. I personally do not like the Session models, but I love all the rest of them.

Why I love my GoPro

I could go on and on about why I love this camera, but I will give you the short list.

  • Water proof: You can actually swim under water with this camera.
  • Durable: It’s made well and it’s got a great shape.
  • Picture quality: The pictures I have taken with this camera have come out bright and clear.
  • Video: Yes, that’s right, it even takes video and it’s good video! Here is a video I took in Jamaica when the kids and I did snuba.
  • Built in rechargeable battery
  • App: The app is super easy to use. The app works with all GoPros, not just one model.
  • Accessories: They have made all kinds of accessories for pretty much any possible situation you would need your GoPro in.
  • Live Stream with Periscope: Now that I have a GoPro Hero 4 I can live stream on Twitter!

How to Live Stream with a GoPro

In order to live stream you will need an iPhone 5S or newer with iOS 8.2 or above. The GoPro will need to be a GoPro Hero 4 Silver or Black or one of newer GoPros.

1. Install the GoPro app from the App Store onto your iPhone. Follow the instructions it shows you to pair your GoPro with your iPhone.

2. After pairing, Go to Settings App > Wifi > Select your GoPro

3. Open Periscope and tap the Broadcast tab to begin your broadcast. Notice the Go-Pro camera toggle. (You will need to install the Periscope app, set up an account, and connect it to your Twitter account.)

I do not live stream a lot, but it’s super fun to live stream when I am skiing with the kids. Here’s one of the live streams I did while skiing up on Mt. Hood.

Cheaper Waterproof Cameras

If a GoPro is out of your price range there are several alternatives.

My favorite waterproof camera that isn’t a GoPro is an EZVIZ Sport Camera is a great alternative. It is substantially cheaper. You can find them on Amazon for less than $60.

I have also used the Panasonic A500. It’s fine and you can check out my review of it, but I don’t really recommend it after getting a GoPro.

At one point I also had a Kodak Playsport. The way it shared on social was amazing, but the first time I took it in salt water, it never worked again. So, I cannot recommend it. Now days every camera basically has an app that can connect it to your phone, so it no longer matters if the camera offers social sharing from the menu.

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