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  • Boats docked on the shore of Fethiye, Turkey, one of the best day trips from Rhodes.

12 Epic Day Trips from Rhodes, Greece

December 8th, 2022|

There’s no question that Rhodes is among the most beautiful islands in Greece. Though often overshadowed by more popular options such as Santorini and Mykonos, Rhodes packs a punch in terms of things to do and see. But sometimes, it’s

  • Salthill, Galway, at sunset

9 Easy Day Trips from Galway, Ireland

December 6th, 2022|

Galway is a super-chill, hip, and lively city located in Western Ireland. It's location makes it an ideal base for exploring some of Ireland's most iconic tourist attractions. Check out these easy day trips from Galway to experience Ireland's Wild

  • Skyline of Cuenca, Ecuador featuring the Immaculate church.

20 Things to do in Cuenca, Ecuador

December 4th, 2022|

Before I began researching my trip to Ecuador, I had never heard of Cuenca. In my research, I learned that it's a charming expat city a short plane ride away from Ecuador's capital city, Quito. I began wondering: Is Cuenca

  • Two photos side by side, one showing a beach on Playa del Carmen and one showing a sculpture in Tulum.

Playa del Carmen vs Tulum

December 3rd, 2022|

If you're trying to decide whether to go to Playa del Carmen vs Tulum for your next Mexican vacation, you're in luck! I'm a big fan of both destinations, and I'm here to help you decide which one is right

  • Woman doing dancer pose on a beach during sunset.

50 gifts for yoga lovers

December 2nd, 2022|

Let's face it, sometimes purchasing gifts for our loved ones is no easy feat. I still have a hard time getting gifts for even the people I know best. If you have a special yogi in your life (or need

  • Plaza de Espanya in Seville, Spain

How to Take a Day Trip from Malaga to Seville

December 1st, 2022|

Malaga is a beautiful coastal city in southern Spain that offers its visitors a plethora of things to do. Most of the top Malaga attractions can easily be visited within a few days. This means visitors to this gorgeous city

5 Tips on Moving with Your Family Abroad: A How-To Guide

December 1st, 2022|

There are many factors to consider when moving your family abroad. From visas and packing to finding the right home and adjusting to a new culture, there are endless things to think about. This blog post will discuss five tips

  • Route 66 Road Trip

The Ultimate Road Trip Planning Guide for Route 66

December 1st, 2022|

Route 66 is one of the most famous and iconic roads in America. If you're looking to experience all that the country has to offer, a road trip down Route 66 is a must-do. Route 66 is known for its

  • Hands rolling up a yoga mat next to large green, leafy plants.

Top 8 Environmentally Friendly Yoga Mats

December 1st, 2022|

Let's face it - with constant warnings of impending doom regarding the ongoing climate situation, we can all afford to be a little more eco-conscious. How does your yoga mat measure up? Are you in the market for something new?

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