Portland, Oregon has become more and more popular as a food destination over the last few years and that definitely includes better cocktails. Anywhere you dine in town you are likely to find original cocktails by award-winning bartenders. Forget settling for the old run of the mill cocktail and instead try something new. Here are some of my favorites.best cocktails in Portland

10 Best Cocktails in Portland, Oregon

1. G-LoveG-Love

We are kicking this list off with the best of the best. G-Love has an outstanding bartender which means they have lots of fantastic drinks on their menu. They are all good, but The Betty is worth driving out of the way for. 

2. Xport 

Xport is a lovely rooftop bar on top of the Porter hotel. Most of it is covered, so even if it’s raining it can be enjoyed. There’s not a particular cocktail here I enjoyed, but the overall atmosphere that makes Xport a must-visit. FYI: A Stella beer is the best deal here because it’s a tallboy can. 


3. Andina

Andina a Peruvian restaurant has the Melones con Ají (pictured below) created by bartender Eddie Johnson. This cocktail has Hendrick’s gin shaken with lime juice, sugar and agua de melón (fresh cantaloupe juice), served on the rocks with a float of agua de pepino (cucumber water), lime zest and ají en polvo (ground hot peppers).


Photo by Susan Hwang

Piso sour at AndinaPlus, they also make a crazy awesome Pisco Sour and they were kind enough to share the recipe!


1.5 fl oz Pisco puro

1 fl oz fresh squeezed lime juice

1 fl oz water

Baker’s sugar to taste

1 t egg whites

4. Bollywood Theater

Bollywood Theater has the Bollywood Shandy created by their chef Troy MacLarty. The Bollywood Shandy is made with whiskey, tamarind, jaggery, lime and Kingfisher beer for a fresh, clean finish. Bollywood Theater’s new cocktail lineup was developed in collaboration with the bartenders of Bull in China.

Bollywood Shandy at the Bollywood Theater

Bollywood Shandy at the Bollywood Theater | Photo by Katie Burnett

5. Bacchus Bar

Bacchus Bar, Hotel Vintage’s lobby bar is an awesome place to enjoy happy hour. The kids can sit in there too! Their Bartender Bryan Galligos created the “Herbfashioned” made with Bulleit rye, Cooper’s Hall vermouth, saffron simple syrup, angostura bitters, basil leaves, lemon twist. This happens to be my friend Nas’s favorite drink here. You can find her blogging over at Rambling Stump!


6. Bit House Collective

Adult Capri Sun

Any of the cocktails at Bit House Collective are great! The menu features bar-friendly. Located at 727 Southeast Grand Avenue, Portland, OR 97214.

Looking for the other 4? Me too. Thanks, Governor Kate Brown for running our state into the ground. This list did have five more but due to er inept leadership, they’ve all folded. 


Have you found an irresistible cocktail in Portland? We would love to hear about it in the comments below. 

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