Buffalo, New York is known for its amazing food. But what else are Buffalonians supposed to do in the winter? Have cocktails, of course!

With all of the incredible restaurants in Buffalo it should come as no surprise that most of them feature incredible drink menus.

What most people don’t realize is that Buffalo is on the up and up… meaning in the past few years Buffalo restored much of its beloved downtown and did some major renovations on the waterfront. A lot of those major upgrades came in the form of some fantastic dining and drinking establishments!

You can find great food almost anywhere in Buffalo so in this post I’m going to focus on the drinking! I’ve compiled a few of my favorite spots to grab a drink. There are many, maybe even too too many! If you have a favorite cocktail place in Buffalo, feel free to leave a comment with any suggestions.


10 Best Places For Cocktails In Buffalo, NY

1. High Violet –  710 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222High Violet

High Violet is where the cocktails are as bold as the conversations. This bar doesn’t just serve drinks; it serves experiences in a glass. The atmosphere is as lively as it gets, with a vibe that encourages you to let loose and enjoy.

Drink Recommendation: Try the “Lavender Empress” – it’s a gin-based marvel with a hint of lavender that’s as regal as it sounds. It’s the perfect drink to toast to the good life, with a floral twist that’ll make you feel like spring, regardless of the Buffalo weather outside.

2. Britesmith Brewing – 5611 Main St, Williamsville, NY 14221Britesmith Brewing

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Brewery? I thought we were talking about cocktails!” But hear me out. Britesmith Brewery may be known for its craft beer, but its cocktail game is equally strong. Set in a converted blacksmith shop, this place combines industrial grit with artisanal finesse.

Drink Recommendation: Order the “Britesmith Old Fashioned.” It’s a testament to their ability to nail a classic, with a twist – using a house-made syrup that complements the bourbon like a dream. Perfect for those who appreciate craftsmanship in their cocktails.

3. Tappo – 338 Ellicott St Tappo – 338 Ellicott St

Tappo is a local favorite for good reason. Not only is the Italian food delicious, but this restaurant is known for its $16 bottles of wine and the great view from the rooftop patio. You can’t beat this price, especially with 40 bottles to choose from.

4. Toutant – 437 Ellicott St

Toutant – 437 Ellicott St


Toutant offers southern style food and drinks. The atmosphere is self-described as industrial chic and it really is something to see. My favorite thing about Toutant is its extensive cocktail list. You know the drinks are good with names like “Hanky Panky” and “Champagne Problems”. If only all my problems were champagne problems!

5. Liberty Hound – 1 N Park Ave

 Liberty Hound - 1 N Park Ave

Liberty Hound

Liberty Hound is located right on Buffalo’s beloved Canalside and is another local favorite. This casual dining spot features a large patio overlooking the water, microbrews, specialty cocktails, and a decent wine list. It’s the perfect spot to hang during a day at Canalside.

6. Patina 250 – 250 Delaware Ave

Patina 250 in Buffalo, NY

Patina 250

While Patina 250 happens to be another one of my favorite brunch spots, thanks to the bottomless Bellinis that come with the prix fixe, it is mostly known as being one of the hottest and newest upscale restaurants in town. They have an outdoor patio, but honestly, the environment inside is so lovely that I’d rather stay inside. The bar is gorgeous and I can never resist indulging in their Portobello fries and Margarita Reyes.

7. Vera Pizzeria – 220 Lexington Ave

I love the vibe I get when I walk into Vera. Think upscale hipster and cozy. I dig their seasonal cocktail menu and their modern twist on traditional flatbread pizza.

8. Remington Tavern – 184 Sweeney St.Remington Tavern

Overlooking the scenic Erie Canal, Remington Tavern is the go-to spot for those who appreciate a side of history with their drinks. This place has mastered the art of combining a rustic, old-world charm with the sophistication of modern mixology.

Drink Recommendation: Dive into the “Canal Side Mule” – a refreshing twist on the classic Moscow Mule, amped up with a splash of locally sourced apple cider. It’s as refreshing as a brisk walk along the canal itself, and twice as intoxicating.

9. VUE Rooftop Lounge at the Curtiss Hotel – 210 Franklin St

Vue is a very new addition to the Buffalo Bar Scene. The views of Buffalo from this rooftop bar are incredible… hence the name VUE. You get a full panoramic view of Buffalo in this posh lounge while sipping cocktails. VUE is definitely the hot place to be right now.

Angelica’s Tea Room in Buffalo, NY

10. Founding Fathers – 75 Edward St

Founding Fathers isn’t just a bar; it’s a Buffalo institution. Famed for its patriotic decor and an encyclopedic knowledge of American history, this place offers an education with every sip. The ambiance is unapologetically Americana, and the drinks are as strong as the country’s forefathers intended.

Drink Recommendation: You can’t go wrong with the “Liberty Bell Ringer.” It’s a gin cocktail that’s as bold and revolutionary as it sounds, garnished with a slice of American history (and apple). It’s the kind of drink that makes you want to debate the finer points of the Constitution, or at least pretend to.

So there you have it, the definitive guide to Buffalo’s cocktail bar scene from a woman who loves a good drink and a better story. Whether you’re in the mood for something floral, fruity, classic, or craft, Buffalo’s bars have got you covered. Just remember, the best stories never start with “that one time I ate a salad” – they start with cocktails. Cheers!

10 Best places for Cocktails in Buffalo, New York

Have you found a super cool bar in Buffalo? We would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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