The province of Ontario houses two popular tourist destinations Toronto and Niagara Falls. If you want to visit Niagara Falls, there is no end to the excitement available at every turn. Aside from the Falls themselves, which are an awe inspiring sight to behold, there are unlimited games and venues for your enjoyment. These are 10 of the best attractions that Niagara Falls has to offer.img 3843Within the last month we’ve gone to Niagara Falls twice. The first time we stayed on the American side and the second time we crossed over into Canada. It took about twenty minutes to cross into Canada and you must have a passport or passport card. Your kids will need one too. I had no problem crossing the border into Canada and back with the kids. Although, you may want to have permission from the other parent if they are not going, so you do not get stuck.

Sky Wheel at Niagara Falls

Although I hate to say it, the Canadian side is much better. Canada is filled with natural beauty and spellbinding scenery.  There is so much more to do. It really isn’t even comparable. With that said, this post is going to focus on things you can do with kids at Niagara Falls in Canada. There are literally tons of activities to choose from.

Niagara FallsIf you do not have enough time for a more indepth experience buy a Fun Pass, which is perfect for kids. We decided to buy passes that included five attractions called Fun Pass. Now it includes six attractions. They were 25.95 for adults and 19.95 for kids. Keep in mind this is not dollars, but in Canadian. So, it is actually more expensive or less expensive depending on the exchange rate. Currently these passes include:

  • Niagara SkyWheel
  • Zombie Attack
  • Wild West Coaster
  • Movieland Wax Museum
  • Bonus Midway Tokens
  • Ghost Blasters Dark Ride

Top 10 Things To Do In Niagara FallsNiagara Falls with kids

A natural wonder awaits as you reach your travel destination of Niagara Falls. The area boasts breathtaking Falls, along with many other tourist-friendly activities to occupy your time. There are innumerable attractions in Niagara Falls, as the city definitely caters to the tourism industry, which thrives all year long.

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No matter what your personal proclivities, there are attractions for all tastes and ages. You can pack your days as full as you would like, you will not be able to accomplish all there is to see and do in a short amount of time, so choose wisely if your stay is brief.

Niagara Falls is one of the premier travel destinations in the entire world, boasting millions of tourists every year. The tourist industry is flourishing in Niagara Falls, unflinching even in the wake of an economic slump. If a plan is in the works to travel to the Honeymoon capital of the world, there are many attractions that you most certainly should take in while visiting.

1) The Falls

The rushing water cascades savagely down, creating a mesmerizing sight for quite a large stretch. Every second, more than one thousand Olympic size swimming pools could be filled with the water that plunges from there. The Falls are a wonderful spectacle, and a sight to behold. The falls are illuminated in the evening and done so with a vast array of colors during the Christmas season.Niagara Falls

2) Marineland

Set upon a luscious backdrop spanning a massive amount of acreage, Marineland is a major attraction. Featuring beautiful dolphins, whales, and sea lions, the aquatic life put on several engaging shows throughout the day. There are splash shows, in which killer whales drench gawking onlookers, and the dolphin show includes jumps, twists, twirls, and rides for the workers. There are also many rides, such as roller coasters and drop zones. The drop zone is the world’s largest triple tower ride, and once the debilitating trip up is over, the scenery is phenomenal, and then the descent will send your heart into palpitations. The rides are separated into family rides, and adult rides. The day is fairly inexpensive considering the plethora of things to see and do. There are also picnic areas and restaurants for whichever method of mealtime preparation you prefer.

3) The Butterfly Conservatory

An indoor oasis featuring thousands of butterflies in various stages of life. There are mature butterflies, as well as a station where you can witness the cocoon stages, with pupa and larvae. There are also interactive games for young and old alike. Be sure to wear colors such as yellow if you wish for some butterflies to land on your shoulder or arm.

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4) Great Wolf Lodge

This hotel is an imposing water park that is themed in nature. The wave pool and slides and rope ladders can keep the kids and the adults busy for hours. The entire play area and hotel are themed, and offer great dining and entertainment.

5) Niagara Jet Boat Tours

These boats actually use jet engines in order to propel the craft through the raging rapids of the Niagara River. The tour lasts about one hour, and you become immersed in water. The tour is fun for all, and it is rather incredible to see just how fast these boats can hurl you through the water. The boats idle at about 20 miles per hour inside of the rapids to keep still. A fun adventure, and one of the best ways to see some historic scenery.

6) Maid of the Mist

This boat ride is smooth and engaging, as you take a cruise up close and personal to the troubled waters near the base of the Falls. Reasonably priced, this attraction is a fan favorite, always selling out. You are given a waterproof parka to wear, so that you are not in need of a change of clothes once the ride has ended.

7) Spanish Aerocar

This ride takes you on a tightrope over top of the whirlpool, giving you a wondrous view of the Falls. Not for the faint of heart, as it seems as though you are barely secure up there, high over the Falls. This is a truly unique way to see the Niagara Region, and it offers up some thrills as well as the scenery.

8) Clifton Hill

Clifton Hill is a tourist hotbed. Located right adjacent to the Falls, this hill is home to countless restaurants and attractions. Along the hill you can find such things as Ripley’s Believe it or Not, a Haunted House, a Wax Museum, the Criminals Hall of Fame, and the Rainforest Cafe, to mention but a few. The Midway lets the children play games for hours on end. The hill is rife with souvenir shops and unique stores. Walking up and down the hill is something that all tourists do when in Niagara Falls. The Skywheel is a large Ferris wheel that allows you an unparalleled view of the Falls, which is spectacular at night, when the lights and the reflection of the moon seemingly glimmer atop the water.

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9) Festival of Lights

This world-renowned Niagara Falls attraction is only seen for a few months of the year, but when it is on, usually from November through to February, the sights are a veritable feast for the ocular cavities. The entire falls are colored red and green with lighting, and the entire parkway along the falls is illuminated with strategically placed lights that make the drive or walk come alive. It is an endless parade of people and cars down the parkway during these months.

10) Journey Behind the Falls

img 3842This attraction actually allows you to descend down an elevator and take a look at the Falls from a rather unique perspective. This attraction is very popular, and is a great way to see the magnificence of the Falls through an altered view.

These are ten of the best Niagara Falls tourist attractions, although there are countless others. There are also two casinos to choose from, as well as a host of other fun and exciting adventures. A trip through historic Fort George will allow you to re-enact the war of 1812, and you can see right across the water to Fort Niagara in the United States of America. The Rink by the Brink is an outdoor (covered) skating rink with a direct view of the Falls.

Niagara Falls is a vacation that you will never forget, and making sure to include all of the above attractions will help to ensure that everyone makes some very special memories. When you get done at Niagara Falls, you should head north and take a family trip to Toronto.10 Best things to do at Niagara Falls

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