Los Angeles has a reputation of being a fun, glamorous, party spot that anyone is bound to have fun visiting. Unfortunately, the reality is that pretty much, doing anything in the state of California, is not exactly on the cheap side, or at least that’s what most think. The truth is that you can actually find a ton of really great and Fun Things To Do In Los Angeles For Free!

11 Fun Things To Do In Los Angeles For Free

1. Go on a Hike by the Hollywood Sign: Hollywood Sign

Although you can’t go all the way up right next to the Hollywood Sign, you can hike up by it and you simply cannot go to L.A without seeing the Hollywood sign!

 2. Hollywood Walk of Fame: 

This is probably my favorite part of L.A.! Seeing all of the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is so cool and the best part is it’s completely free. You can create awesome photos by taking pictures with your favorite famous people’s stars. Also here is the famous Chinese theater. img 4842

3. Explore the Old L.A. Zoo: 

Located in Griffith Park, the abandoned old L.A. zoo remains still are there in the Griffith Park. It’s actually a picnic area now and it’s pretty cool to just see the history.

4. See the Stars at Griffith Observatory: 

The night sky is absolutely beautiful when it is full of stars and a great place to see those stars is at the Griffith Observatory. Head over there and night and see the beautiful stars for no cost. Plus, you can see all the lights from LA, which is millions.
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5. Chinatown: 

Get a taste of the Chinese culture by walking around the very first Chinatown for absolutely nothing. It is such an awesome time to experience a new culture while still being in America.  This is definitely one of my favorite fun things to do in Los Angeles.

6. Hang Out at the Beach: Venice Beach

The beach is always a great time and is always free. You can do so many things at the beach from playing in the sand, soaking up the sun and getting a tan, or of course swimming in the ocean.

7. Enjoy a Free Concert at the Farmer’s Market: 

There is always a series of concerts every Summer that are completely free at the Farmer’s Market. It is great to get some good food from the market while listening to some good jams.

8. See the Great Wall of L.A.:

The Great Wall of L.A. is a huge mural located at the eastern edge of the Valley College campus in the San Fernando Valley. It is definitely a sight to see and something you won’t want to miss.

9. See a Comedy Show at the Clubhouse: 

I’m always up for a good laugh and a great way to get one is to head on over to the Clubhouse in L.A. Here there are tons of free comedy and improv performers all the time. It’s so much fun and a great way to spend your night.

10. Play Games at Grand Central Market: 

Every Thursday night you can find free games of ping pong, cornhole, and other various games at the Grand Central Market. Gather up some friends and head on over for a good time.
11. Hang out at Universal City Walk

12. Placita Olvera

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Placita Olvera Street has a bunch of Mexican shops and restaurants. It’s home to the oldest home in LA, which is free to tour. This is a great place to walk around and have lunch.

Los Angeles is such a huge, iconic, and amazing city in the United States. I bet you didn’t know how much fun that you could have for totally free! Money isn’t everything and there are plenty of ways to have fun without it. If you’re taking a trip to L.A. anytime soon and you’re looking for some awesome things to do on a budget, check out this list. You will have an awesome time and save money while you do it using these 11 fun things to do in Los Angeles for free!

Have you been to LA? Did you do any free activities while you were there? We would love to hear your suggestions in the comments below. Looking for more? Here are some day trips from LA!

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