Logan is a city located in Cache County, Utah. At first glance, Logan is easy to pass up for an average city with nothing exceptional to offer adventure-seeking souls out there. 

But away from the hustle and bustle of Logan’s city streets lie some of the most charming locations in the United States. This article explores the top ten things to do in the city of Logan.

1. Take an ‘Academic’ Tour of the Utah State UniversityUtah State University

A visit to a public university may not always top the to-do list of most tourists. But if you’re visiting Logan city, you’ll do yourself a lot of disservice by omitting Utah State University from your bucket list. 

Whether you’re a student, researcher, or not, a visit to this university is both an educational and leisure-filled activity. Stroll between the tree-lined walkways as you occasionally check out the institution’s numerous dining options.

2. Sample Incredibly Stunning Relics at the Nora Eccles Harrison Art MuseumNora Eccles Harrison Art Museum

What if you don’t find the tree-lined walkways and dining options at Utah State University thrilling enough? There’s no need to fret. A visit to the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum may give you a better reason to hang around this institution much longer. 

Established in 1982, the NEHMA is an academic art museum that focuses on  contemporary and modern art. Take your time to sample the museum’s wide collection of visual art pieces, including paintings, ceramic pieces, furnishings, photographs, etc.

3. Conquer the Beaver Mountain

One of the best things about Logan is that there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor freaks. Beaver Mountain is an excellent place to kick-start your outdoor explorations. Although it’s not as tall as Mount Logan in Canada, the mountain is best known for its unlimited skiing experiences. 

Whether you’re a beginner or professional skier, you’ll find a visit to this mountain worth your while. Choose a trail of your choice and enjoy unhindered skiing or snowboarding experience, or enroll for short lessons and get trained as you seamlessly enjoy the moment.

4. Hike the Wind Caves

If you’d prefer an even wilder side of Mother Nature, then you might consider going on a hike along the Wind Caves Hike. The trails are long and challenging, but you’ll love it that way. 

Some caves are too spooky, whereas some trails include trips across wildlife habitats. So, your best bet is to plan this hike with a group of friends for the ultimate fun. There are displays along the way where information is posted about the cave and trail, and indigenous wildlife. 

5. Grab a Movie at the Cinefour Theaters

Cinefour Theaters are affiliated with Walker Theaters, which speaks volumes about the kind of movie quality you’ll experience here. The theaters show quality, second-run films, which come along with discounted tickets. 

To make your experience even more fun, the theater provides several concessions, such as candy, pretzels, popcorn, and soda.

6. Romp Wildly at the Jump ZoneThe Jump Zone in Logan, UTAH

The Jump Zone is Logan’s preeminent trampoline park. It’s another all-family tourist spot on our list. Lots of fun awaits you here, including an opportunity to play basketball, dodgeball, rope swings, to mention but a few.

If you’re blessed with hyperactive kids and are looking for the ultimate activity to tire them down over the weekend, look no further than the Jump Zone.

7. Fly With the Birds at the Brigham City Brigham City

Located just 18 miles from Logan, Brigham City is an ideal destination for tourists that prefer more exclusive dining and shopping experiences.  The 18-mile distance between the two cities is ideal if you’re looking for a scenic road trip. 

But Brigham’s defining feature is its large bird sanctuary. There are plenty of bird species to sight at Brigham, including both endemic and migratory birds.

8. Explore Logan’s Night Life at Logan Lanes

Logan Lanes isn’t just recommended for those craving a vibrant nightlife scene. The alley is also ideal for all-family outings. There is unlimited fun and entertainment, including 24-hour open bowling. 

In addition to bowling, Logan Lanes also features a billiards room. Plus, there’s a restaurant where you can hop in and grab your favorite fast foods as you while your time away in the alley.

9. Reconnect With Your Higher Power at LDS Tabernacle

LDS Tabernacle is one of Logan’s architectural marvels and a perfect spot to reconnect with your spirituality. This stunning piece of artwork is also one of the longest historical landmarks in the city. 

Whichever day you plan your trip, you’ll be able to take advantage of free concerts and mingle with plenty of local artists.

10. Swim With the Ducks at First Dam Canyon Entrance Park

First Dam Canyon Entrance Park is the entry point to Logan Canyon. The small park teems with fun activities for visitors, including feeding or swimming with the ducks. 

There’s also an opportunity to play sand volleyball or go canoeing in these cool waters. What’s more – you can skip these details altogether and head straight to the magnificent Logan Canyon for the ultimate hiking experience.

There are some fun things to do in Logan, Utah. Whenever your wanderlust spirit takes you to this magical city, remember that there are plenty of ways to uncover its hidden gems. 

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