Hiking in the great outdoors is absolutely amazing.

There’s just something awesome about putting on a pair of hiking boots and exploring the beauty of nature.

Views from Diamond Head hike

Views from the top of Diamond Head a kid-friendly hike in Oahu.

What other form of exercise is out there that  does not feel like exercise?
Think about the last hiking trip that you went on. More than likely, the time passed by quickly and before you knew it, you’d reached the end point of your destination. The ability to hike different terrains, see the abundance of wildlife, and breathe in that wonderful fresh air? Simply perfect. Hiking is a great way to energize your mind, body, and soul while also providing wonderful health benefits as well.
If you have a hike coming up that you are needing to prepare for, here are a few hiking items to consider having in your possession before embarking on that journey.

10 Hiking Items that you NEED for your Next Hiking Trip

1. Lightweight Travel, Hiking Backpack.

Be prepared and able to pack whatever items you need to take on your hike in this awesome hiking backpack. Not only is it lightweight, but it offers room for your necessities, plus it’s waterproof as well. If you get caught in some rain, you may feel the effects, but your personal items can stay nice and dry. This Patagonia bag is the exact bag I carry when I hike with my kids.

2. Emergency Survival Kit.

Life happens. You never know when you will be in an emergency situation where you need help, but with this kit, you will be prepared just in case.

3. Camping Cookware Set.

You have to eat when you hike, right? Especially if that hike is turning into an overnight event, you need to be prepared to have options to cook some food for your energy needs! (I have never been out on a hike long enough to cook something. We usually just pack sandwiches.)

4. Nature Walk Journal.

If you are a lover of all things nature, it’s a must to write down some of the sights that you may see when you are out on your hike. Some of the views are spectacular, and imagine being able to go back and read about your hike later in life? The memories you can record will last forever.

5. LED Headlamp Flashlight.

Not all hikes have to happen during the daytime, right? With this headlamp, you can take a walk at night and be able to see where you are stepping and view all the activity of nature going on around you. Plus, being LED means that it will be a brighter light that lasts longer too! We take this with us when we go camping too.

6. Personal Water Filter.

You never know when you may find that you’ve run out of water and are needing a drink to refresh. Sometimes, as hikers, we fail to pack adequately and have to find a way to make it work. With this water filter, you don’t have to worry about running out of water on your hike! It has a triple purification system that helps illuminate 99.99% of certain bacteria in water that you may have to drink as a last resort. (We always run out of water!)

7. Microfiber Towels.

Hiking in the summer means that it can be scorching hot when going on your walk.  Packing a few microfiber towels for your hike can be so helpful to absorb sweat and dry quickly, or to dip in water and place around your neck to cool you down!

8. Premium Merino Wool Hiking Socks.

When you go hiking, you’ve got to make certain you’re taking care of your feet! With these socks, not only will your feet be protected from the elements, they are also thick enough that it protects your feet from having your shoes continuously rub as well.

9. Safety Horn.

One can never be too careful when hiking alone in the woods. This safety horn has several great features such as helping others find you if you are lost, or blaring a noise to scare off potential animals as well. It’s easy to pack and a must have. The trails near me in the scenic Columbia Gorge split off over and over. It’s incredibly easy to get lost. You may want to put a whistle on your kids! 

10. Ultra Strong Hiking Poles.

If you are going to hike, you may need to think about having some hiking poles to help you along the way. They are great for rough terrain and lightweight and easy to carry. When hiking longer distances, it can be great to have that extra support!

Have fun on your next hiking adventure by being prepared with some of the recommended items above. Enjoy immersing yourself in Mother Nature and hiking your way to a peaceful place. Hiking is an awesome way to be one with nature, and yourself as well!

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