With sun-kissed sands and crystal blue waters, the Greek islands form the perfect backdrop for summer romance. And nowhere does beautiful beaches, stunning sunsets, picturesque villages and rolling vineyards better than Santorini.

Located in the heart of the Aegean Sea, the majestic island of Santorini is an icon in the Greek archipelago. It’s the ultimate destination for couples who want to spend hours together in paradise. If you’re planning on visiting this beautiful island, here are 10 romantic activities you can do with your partner!

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1. Relax In A Hot Spring

An island located within the caldera of Santorini, Nea Kameni formed in the year 1570 after many volcanic eruptions. Today, this uninhabited island is a popular destination as it’s surrounded by hot springs rich in manganese, sulfur, and iron. These hot springs are often referred to as the healing waters as visitors find the warm and mineral-rich water extremely therapeutic. 

These natural waters are a stunning location for couples, as they offer the ultimate way to relax and unwind while enjoying glorious views.

2. Visit The Wineries

Nicknamed the ‘wine island’, Santorini is home to over 15 wineries that grow the indigenous white grape varietal, Assyrtiko. It’s also renowned for its excellent Vinsanto wines made from white grapes that have been sun-dried and aged in oak for up to 2 years. 

If you and your partner love wine, join a wine tour around the island and discover the different varietals and blends on offer. Many of the wineries have wine tastings for their guests, and you can sample the many different offerings while enjoying the view. You can also visit the one-of-a-kind Koutsogiannopoulos Wine Museum, which is located in an underground cave!

3. Enjoy A Couples Spa Day

Dotted around the island, you’ll find many spas where you and your partner can indulge in a day of self-care together.  You can reconnect with each other with a couples massage or treatments, all while being treated to idyllic views and a rejuvenating experience. 

Spending time in such a superb setting while being pampered will leave both of you feeling refreshed, invigorated, and ready to continue your island exploration.

4. Dine in A Romantic Restaurant

Lotza Restaurant in Oia, Greece

Lotza Restaurant in Oia, Greece

Greek food is legendary, and there is an abundance of restaurants that offer a view of the caldera, overlooking the beautiful ocean waters. Pick your favorite location and time of day to enjoy a romantic lunch or dinner for two and enjoy feasting on local delicacies together. 

A sunset meal on the edge of a cliff with your partner is a near-unbeatable experience, and it’s one you’ll both remember for years to come.   

5. Visit An Open Air Cinema in Kamari

Open-air theaters hold a special place in Greek history, and they’re also the perfect spot for a romantic evening. Through the 1920s and 1930s, films became increasingly popular in Greece, and this led to the development of unique roofless cinemas where locals could enjoy a movie in the warm summer evening.  

The cinema at Kemari has been around since 1987 and has remained very popular. Here, you can enjoy well-known movies in English with Greek subtitles, and on occasion, you can catch a theater show or concert in the summer months. The location also boasts a fully stocked bar, snacks, and even ice cream for those warm evenings. 



6. Explore The Town of OiaOia Santorini

Oia is a coastal town on the northwestern tip of Santorini, and it’s one of the most picturesque spots for couples, with plenty to enjoy. Meander through this little town’s narrow streets hand-in-hand with your loved one as you explore its charming little cafes and art galleries, or explore the rugged hilltops where the houses are carved into the land.  

Time this stroll with sunset and find a cute cocktail bar to take in Oia’s stunning sunsets, or visit the ruins of Oia Castle and enjoy a truly unforgettable end to the day.

7. Take A Private Boat Cruise

If spending time on the water is your idea of a romantic outing, there’s nothing better than chartering a private boat for a few hours and exploring all the caldera has to offer. You can swim in the warm waters, find the hidden coves and soak up the romantic ambience of being on the ocean. 

You’ll find a few options for day and sunset cruises suitable for various budgets, all of which provide the perfect opportunity for the two of you to spend time at sea together.

8. Book A Private Beach Outing

Kamari Beach Santorini Greece

Kamari Beach Santorini Greece

Get some sand between your toes and rent a private cabana on a beach of your choice. This gives you the chance to relax on the beach without the crowds.

Just some of the best beaches for couples looking for some alone time are:

  • Perissa Beach is known for its dark volcanic sand, which makes it appear black. This beach is located in the southeast, near the village of Perissa.
  • Kokkini Paralia is more commonly referred to as ‘red beach’ for its red cliffs and black and red pebbles. It’s located on the southern coast, near the ancient ruins of Akrotiri.
  • Vlychada Beach, with its white cliffs and black sand, is a strikingly beautiful landscape that’s located on the southern part of the island near the village of Vlychada.

9. Hike From Fira to Oia

If you enjoy being active as a couple, then seek out the many trails that the island has to offer. 

One particular hike that stands out for its scenery is the walking route from Fira to Oia. This walk is considered moderate in difficulty and is 6.2 miles long (one way). It’s bound to take your breath away with its gorgeous vistas, and it offers plenty of opportunities for romantic picnics along the way.  

10. Stay In A Seaview Suite With A Private PoolCave hotel in Greece

When it comes to accommodation options for a romantic holiday, you’re spoilt for choice! Splash out and spoil each other by booking a suite with its own private pool overlooking the sea. You can sit back and relax with a bottle of bubbly or a refreshing cocktail, soaking up the views and the sun together.

The sunset and nighttime views are exceptional, too, and you don’t even have to leave your room to experience the splendor of Santorini. Don’t forget to pack your favorite lingerie and order some indulgent Greek treats to increase the romance factor. 


Last Call For Boarding!

Santorini is the perfect spot for romance. From its beautiful landscape nestled in an ocean-filled caldera to its buzzing restaurant scene and breathtaking sunsets, every couple will fall in love all over again. And they’ll fall in love with Santorini, too!

I hope these ideas inspire you to visit this destination with your loved one. You’ll experience a getaway of a lifetime together.

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