This year the kids and I had the opportunity to go down and live in Honduras. We had the most amazing time. From the incredible people to the delicious food, to the n

10 Things I will miss about our Honduras

1. Snorkeling – Out of all the places we have ever snorkeled, I have never experienced better snorkeling than here.

2. The beach on west bay in Roatan – One of the most beautiful beaches we have experienced.Roatan Honduras

3. Delicious food – The food is outstanding. I sure wish we could find some Honduran food in Portland.

4. Fresh tropical fruit

5. How cheap everything is.

6. The friendly people

7. $4 manicures, $12 pedicures and $32 1 hour massages – I mean, does it get any better than that!

8. Sunsets on the beach

9. Zip lining in Copan – This was a phenomenal experience.

10. The beauty of the entire country. – Everywhere we went we were met with beauty.