I absolutely love Honduras and I feel extremely blessed to have gotten to live in Honduras for 5 weeks. But I would be lying if I said there were no hang ups when it came to being down there for so long.

10 Things I will not miss about Honduras!

1. Living in a hooch with no bathroom and no running water. I have a whole new appreciation for running water in my house. Having to get up and walk my kids to the bathroom in the middle of the night flat out sucked.

2. Almost dying any time we set foot in any type of moving vehicle. They drive like maniacs down there.

3. Riding in buses with no AC. Although not to bad on a short trip this does get bad where it’s for hours at a time when it’s a hundred degrees outside.

4. Throwing up or having upset stomach every other meal. Lucky for us we could eat on the American base often, so we weren’t sick everyday.

5. No one speaks English. I know I should just learn Spanish. We do know enough Spanish to get by, but  when you are spending this much time in a country that doesn’t speak English eventually it gets tough.

6. Wondering what kind meat I’m eating. At some point I quit eating meat. All I ever saw were cats and dogs and I am still trying to convince myself that I didn’t eat one.

7. Going 36 hours with no electricity. I knew this doesn’t sound like that long but we are Americans and used to always having electricity. We’ve never gone that long before.

8. Mosquitos (and having to take malaria pills everyday)

9. Termites – I had no idea how disgusting termites were.

10. The way my hair looks in 100% humidity. It’s just not right. Next time I will not forget to bring a straightener with me.