A few years ago I came out with a list of what I thought the best cocktails in Portland, Oregon were. There were many people that disagreed with me, but with so many bars and restaurants in Portland, I knew I would never try them all. Over the last year or two, I have had the opportunity to try many more cocktails. Some were fantastic and some not so great. After too much consideration and lots of “research”, I have managed to compile another list. I decided not to include any of the drinks I had included before, despite the fact I still think they are all worth trying. You can go check out the original list of the 10 best cocktails in Portland and then read on to see all the new ones that rose the occasion.

11 More Drinks in Portland You’ve Got to Try!

1. KaskKask in Portland, Oregon

The Freshman Fifteen cocktail at Kask is easily my favorite cocktail in town. It’s pretty and it’s just good. Kask is a tiny little cocktail bar with some interesting options. Skip the food here and go for drinks only.


1215 SW Alder St

Portland, OR 97205

2. East Burnimg 0601

The Prickly Pear Margarita at Eastburn is so tasty. It is the best prickly pear margarita I have found in Portland so far. I love sitting on the swings on their patio.

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1800 E Burnside St

Portland, OR 97214

3. Al’s Den

We got Tipsy in Portland Tour

The Old Fashion at Al’s Den. I was turned on to this while out on a Portland Walking Tour. I had my doubts, but our guide was right. They make the best Old Fashion in Portland, Oregon.

Al’s Den

303 SW 12th Ave

Portland, OR 97205

4. River Pig Saloon

river pig saloonThe daily punch at River Pig Saloon is always good it seems and it is cheap, plus it’s the perfect place to watch the Cowboys game. If you like fried food, then you will want to try something!

River Pig Saloon

529 NW 13th Avenue

Portland, OR

5. Dolly OliveDolly Olive Espresso Martini

Dolly Olive is a southern Mediterranean restaurant with a kill espresso martini. Located at 527 SW 12th Ave. Portland, OR 97205.

6. Quaintrelle

img 3288

Quaintrelle in North Portland on Mississippi Avenue has the “Path to Fortitude” made with Dystopia vodka, and some ingredients I have never heard of like priorat natur vermut, china china amer, lemon, and pink peppercorn. It is as good as it looks. Recently I visited again and they’ve got a whole new cocktail menu. Look how pretty they are!


3936 N Mississippi Ave

Portland, OR 97227

Cocktails at Quaintrelle

Cocktails at Quaintrelle


7. Hey Love

Hey Love

Hey Love is a great bar in Portland with all kinds of creative cocktails. There isn’t a certain one that stands out to me, but I can pretty much guarantee that you will find one you love. 

8. Sousòl

Sousòl Cocktails Courtesy of Eva Kosmas Flores

Sousòl Cocktails Courtesy of Eva Kosmas Flores

At Sousòl, each guest can embark on a gastronomic journey of discovery – from Caribbean spirits and lesser-known ingredients to an array of exotic flavors such as ‘crisp vegetal’ or the fusion cuisine ‘Nordic meets Caribbean’. Each sip is crafted with care; standouts include rye-based “Djon Djon Djin” cocktail, agave-infused “Warmer Winters”, and cucumber-flavored mocktail “Konkom”. For those who prefer wine or beer instead – natural wines produced in Oregon are available alongside craft beers focusing on diverse producers. Located at 227 SE 6t Ave., Portland, OR.

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9. Grand Fir Brewing

Grand Fir Brewing interior_credit Zachary Rubens

Grand Fir Brewing interior_credit Zachary Rubenstein

Grand Fir Brewing has something for every taste. Lead by Eugene Doherty, formerly of The Wythe Hotel and Diner in Brooklyn, the creative cocktail list features specialties like That Smoke with rye whiskey plus Lapsang Souchong-infused vermouth; or try Rusty’s Irish Whip made from whiskey, lime juice & celery bitters. Plus a selection of premium West Coast wines including glass pours from Eric Wareheim’s Las Jaras Vineyards & Evening Land Vineyards — cheers! Located at 1403 SE Stark Street. 

10. Janken

Janken-Table-Marielle Gibbons

Janken by Marielle Gibbons

Warren Frederick and Joey Wrinn, two renowned Beverage Directors are taking cocktail crafting to the next level with their signature libations at Janken. The Pineapple Express transports customers’ taste buds on a flavorful journey enhanced by grilled pineapple mezcal infusion along with cane syrup, cardamom bitters, and lime juice – all served under a smoke-filled glass cloche for maximum impact. For something light yet exquisite, look no further than Rose City: Peaches blossom vodka is paired with peach rooibos tea that harmonizes perfectly in its Prosecco bath over an ice rose sphere for added beauty. Located at 250 NW 13th Avenue.

11. Scotch Lodge

If you love whiskey then this is your place. They have an incredible selection of whiskies including rare finds. Located at 215 SE 9TH AVE STE 102, PORTLAND, OR. 

What is your favorite cocktail in Portland, Oregon and where can we find it? Leave a comment below!

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