11 Emergency Travel snacks to take with you on a road tripYou take off on the road for the day, a week, or maybe longer if you travel for your job like me. One of the best things you can carry with you is some emergency travel foods. You never know what may happen, like the time I got stuck in northern California for seven hours on a highway shut down to a winter storm. I had Noah with me, he was just 18 months old. It was scary, but luckily I had food and blankets in the car. Or if you are flying and you end up on a long layover somewhere unfamiliar. This happens to us a lot since we have been flying standby more often.


11 Emergency Travel Food Must Haves

1. Turkey or beef jerky – these are great and they stay fresh for a long time.
2. Tuna in pouches – not only high in protein, but convenient and come in tasty flavor pouches.
3. Granola mix
4. Peanut butter – super convenient since they now come in small individual containers.
5. Nuts, Dates, or Figs – always fresh and easy to pack and high in protein to keep you fuller longer.
6. Whole wheat cracker packs – get a variety pack and throw a few in your purse.
7. Nonperishable hummus – love these convenient packs and most come with crackers.
8. Cut up vegetables – carrots and celery stay fresh the longest.
9. Apples – portable, sweet, and full of fiber to fill you up.
10. Dark bar of chocolate – the antioxidants in the higher percentage of cacao is good for you.                                           11. Protein bars – try to stick to the lower sugar variety.
These are all just healthier suggestions, but of course, pick up the things that you like and keep on hand in case of any emergency happens so you can be the most prepared. Try not to succumb to fast food and snacks that won’t fill you up and get you through until you can get home.
All it takes is a little planning and an easy bag or backpack to keep your supplies all together for when you need them.

Do you have any snack foods you travel with? What do you take? Tell us in the comments below.