Tex-Mex Recipes

Is there anything better than Tex-Mex food? At my house, there isn’t!

Whenever we get to visit our families we like to eat out every single meal, so we can eat as much Tex-Mex as possible. There are some days I will eat lunch at the same restaurant three or four times in a row at the same exact Mexican restaurant.

West Texas may not be known as a foodie city, but it should because the food is amazing and cheap!

These days we are living in Portland, so I had to break down and figure out how to make Tex-Mex myself. Over the years some of the recipes have been awesome while others are not worth sharing. I have also included recipes from two of my favorite restaurants, Abuelos and Casa Ole.

Here are 14 Tex-Mex recipes broken down into categories that I promise are wonderful. My hope is that you and your family will enjoy these just as much as my family has.

Tex-Mex Recipes


Main Dishes


Side Dishes