9. Laurelwood Brew pub – Not only do they have great food and awesome beer, but they also have dedicated kid areas in their restaurant where little kids can play.

10. Hop works Urban brewery – Both of their locations have a play space with toys and books. Again, what’s better than good food, great beer, and kids play areas?

11. Safari Sam’s – Black light 18 hole mini golf, an arcade, a bounce room and a large play structure. Their prices are all over the place, so chances are, you can work with your budget to do some of it or all of it.

12. Wunderland Cinema & Nickel Games – All locations include a nickel arcade. Some locations include a movie theater and laser tag. Most games are a nickel and laser tag is $4. Sign up for their email list to have them email you the deals.

13. Oaks Park Roller Skating Rink – Most people just think about the amusement park here, but there is a roller rink here too, and it’s a super cheap place to take your kids roller skating.

14. Mt. Hood Aquatic Center and Rock Climbing – out in Gresham is a fun place to swim and rock climb for cheap.

15. Portland Children’s Museum – Newly renovated the kid’s museum continues to get better and better. Plus, they have traveling exhibits too. This is great for kids 8 and under.

16. Ice Skating at the Lloyd Center – For less than $15 you can ice skate and get rentals. Lloyd Center Ice Rink coupon!

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17. Grand Central Bowling This is a really nice place to go bowling and play arcade games. It’s a little spendy, so check for coupons or for a Groupon. Thursdays are a little cheaper too.

18. Play ping pong at Pips and Bounce – Only in Portland can you take your children to a hip place to play ping Pong and enjoy beer and food. Prices start out at $8 a table.

19. North Clackamas Aquatic Center

Need more ideas? Here is an even longer list of activities!

==>30 Indoor Activities in Portland, Oregon<==