Venice ItalyItaly is an amazing European country that shares a border with Austria, France, Switzerland, and Slovenia. This country has been famous for its romantic beauty since ancient times. During a visit to Italy you will have a chance to enjoy the best spaghetti, the charming and majestic beauty of Manarola, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and so much more. If you are planning a trip to Italy, keep reading this article. We will give you some advice on the essential Italy travel tips to perfect your journey.

19 Essential Italy Travel Tips You Should Not Miss

1. The Best Time to Visit: Spring Or Autumn

Italy is a hot and humid country, arriving here in summer is not a good choice. Moreover, many people choose to visit Italy during their summer vacation; so it makes you less comfortable when seeing tourist attractions because of the crowd. Therefore, remember to plan a trip to this country in spring or autumn, when the weather is pleasant. 

2. Have Dinner After 07:30 PM

Italians often have dinner later in the day, so you should keep away from the early-open restaurants. These restaurants are for tourists, so the price will be higher. Most of the authentic Italian restaurants do not open until 07:30 pm; so be aware of this. 

3. Wear Comfortable Shoes

There will be a lot of walking during your trip to this romantic country, so make sure you wear comfortable shoes to prevent your feet from aching. 

4. Have Wifi All The Time

If you do not have wifi with you, you may get lost very easily and have to spend a lot of time asking for directions. It seems that all streets in Italy look the same and evenly, some streets here do not have street signs, so it is challenging for you to identify each street on the first trip. Take a mobile wifi hotspot with you.

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5. Understanding The Difference Between North And South Italy

Regarding food, culture, fashion, etc., North and South Italy are separated. Although they are part of the same country, they still have some different traditional features. Therefore, it is necessary for you to do research well before arriving here. 

6. Avoid Currency Exchange Desks

ATMs are everywhere in this beautiful country from the airport to the hotels and attractions, so you do not need to use currency exchange desks as they may make interest from your money. Also, be careful when traveling as someone may see and steal your cash. Use a money belt.

7. Learning Italian Greetings

In Italy, people greet others with two kisses on the cheeks. Other ways of greeting are considered not to vibe. 

  • Ciao! is the most common way of saying hello and goodbye informally.

8. Rent A Car To Explore the Italian Countryside

The traffic in cities is too dangerous for a visitor to self-drive. Therefore, if you love driving, you can rent a car to go to the countryside in Italy. Driving in the countryside not only satisfies your hobby, but also helps you enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in beautiful Italian villages. 

9. Eat And Shop In Less Touristy Regions

This is a basic rule for tourists in every country. Goods in touristy areas are often expensive and no one can make sure they are at high-quality. Therefore, go a bit farther out to buy products at comfortable prices.

10. Have Translator App

People in Italy will be pleased if you know a little bit Italian as they can interact with you easily. However, if you do not have enough time to study this new language, you can use a translator app to make communication easier and better. 

11. Take a Break In The Afternoon

Similar to many other countries in Europe, the Italians often take a nap in the afternoon. When the weather becomes hot, people there will close their stores to take a break. Therefore, the best time to go shopping and explore is in the early morning and evening. 

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12. Being Aware Of Transportation Strikes

In Italy, there are many transportation strikes. Although they may be noticed in advance, you still need a backup plan. You need to be alert, especially when you have a flight. 

13. Not Buy Fake Designer Bags

Many tourists tend to buy fake designer bags at half price as souvenirs for their relatives; however, in Italy, this activity is illegal. Police in Italy will oversee this business. Therefore, be careful with this kind of product.

14. Coffee Drinking Culture

Italy is reported to have the most delicious coffee in the world. When arriving this beautiful country, you will have a chance to enjoy a romantic and strong brew. Different from most coffee shops that you can pay at the end, in Italian coffee bars, you have to pay in advance, take the bill and then repeat your order to servers. This is also a unique thing to experience when taking a trip to Italy.

15. Enjoying Italian Wine

It is considered to be rude when drinking wine to get drunk. Therefore, in Italy, ask for a glass or bottle of wine. If you use a tumbler, enjoy a half full only as standard practice. 

16. Using Public Restroom

It is complicated to find public restrooms in Italy; therefore, when you find one, you have to pay a little for it. These tend to cost about 50 euro. Also, remember to carry toilet paper and tissue all the time. It will be necessary. 

17. Tipping Culture

In most cases in Italy, tipping is not expected. When you arrive at a restaurant, the service charge can be added to your bill already, so you do not need to tip the servers anymore. Also, tipping for taxi drivers and hotel employees is not necessary. 

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18. Security In Italy

Italy is a safe country, police are arranged in all attractions and city centers; so you do not need to worry about snatch and run. However, there are still some common rules you need to pay attention, such as not standing alone in dark places, lock your bag carefully, etc. If something happens, you can call the general emergency number 112 or call police at the number 113. 

19. Drinking Water

You can drink water in the taps or fountains in some cities in Italy such as Venice, Florence, Rome, and so on. The water here is clean and safe, so you do not have to worry about anything. It is also possible to fill your bottle with this water and use during the trip.

Above is all useful information about what you need for a perfect trip to Italy. Although most of them look very simple, they are essential for all tourists when visiting this beautiful country. Keep reading these tips several times and learn them by heart to make your trip more meaningful. Now you just need to know what to do while in Italy, get started with this Italy bucket list

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19 Italy Travel Tips you need to know before your Italian vacation