Florence is one of the prominent tourist spots of Italy and despite being such a small city, 2 days in Florence are certainly not enough to see all the beautiful destinations this place offers. Florence is the capital of Tuscany, a tourist paradise, whose every nook and corner is worth exploring.

However, I had only two days in this beautiful part of Italy and planned my trip to Florence in such a way that I could make the most out of it. So below I am providing all the details on how you can manage to see the best of Florence in a matter of two days. This itinerary is flexible. You can juggle between the places according to your schedule. I will chart out what all you can cover in two days.

A Few Tips to Remember Before Exploring Florence

  • Florence is a walkable city. You can cover all the spots on foot.
  • While walking you can enjoy a good gelato or drink a cappuccino, because yes, eating and drinking your way while exploring this city is the best
  • It is best to buy tickets to enter the museums well in advance. You can do so by visiting their website and this way you will be able to skip lines.
  • Do ensure the timings of the places you are visiting in Florence. For instance, Uffizi and Galleria dell’ Accademia are closed on Monday while Mercato Centrale is closed on a Sunday. On the other hand, if there is a holiday being celebrated in Florence, then chances are that the Duomo and the museums around it are closed as well.
  • We recommend staying at Hotel Crocini, located near the river and just south of a huge park area.
  • If you are traveling with children we recommend doing the Nancy Aiello 3 hrs Florence Discovery Private Guided Walking Tour for Families with Children. 

Florence 2 Day Intinerary

Day 1

On this day, it is best to start your day early. You can as well have breakfast in your hotel/hostel so that have enough time to explore the places around Florence. Florence is a place where you will only be able to enjoy it at a leisurely pace. I had only two days in hand and many travelers that I met on the way come here for two days itself. So it is essential to start early so that you are able to see a lot as well as enjoy it by walking around slowly.

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1. The DuomoDuomo Florence Cathedral

This site is one of the most crowded yet the most beautiful places to visit in Florence. It is considered the heart of Florence. Since you have a head start it is the best to come here as early as possible to avoid the crowd. While entering the Duomo is free, but you need a ticket to explore the surrounding areas – the bell tower, baptistery, and the underground ruins below the Duomo.

If you haven’t purchased the tickets in advance, do not worry, there is an office right behind the Duomo where you can buy a combined single ticket to all these areas, which includes a visit to cupola or dome by Brunelleschi, baptistery and bell tower. The ticket is valid for 72 hours, so do keep in mind while visiting this place.

Further, the square around the Duomo is surrounded with shops and restaurants where you can enjoy a pizza and gelato as well if you have missed out on your breakfast.

Buy Duomo tickets.


2. Bell Tower

After visiting the Duomo, go to the bell tower from where you can enjoy the scenic view of the city along with the view of cupola or dome by Brunelleschi. The line to climb the Bell Tower can get really long, so it is essential that you time the visit to this place properly. That is why my suggestion would be to visit this place early in the morning so that you are able to avoid the queue.


3. Galleria dell’ Accademia

Galleria dell’ Accademia

Galleria dell’ Accademia

After seeing the Duomo, bell tower and cupola, it is time to see the David. Galleria dell’ Accademia is fairly small and this place can be easily wrapped up in an hour. But only if you purchased the tickets to it online. Otherwise you might have to stand for half to one hour just to purchase the tickets. Hence, ensure that you get the tickets beforehand since you are short on time.

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This is one of the most beautiful sites in Florence. I was left bewildered seeing David as well as unfinished Michelangelo sculptures.

Buy skip the line tickets for the Galleria dell’ Accademia.

4. San Lorenzo Market

San Lorenzo Market

San Lorenzo Market

After this you can spend a little time shopping or having lunch. San Lorenzo Market is perfect to enjoy both of them. You can purchase souvenirs and purchase leather as this market is famous for both of them.

However, do remember that since this is a touristy place some of the products might be overpriced and not worth the penny you are spending. Research carefully before purchasing anything here.


Buy tickets for a food tour of San Lorenzo Market.

5. Mercato Centrale

After exploring the market, there is an indoor Central Market right next to San Lorenzo Market. In here, you can enjoy amazing food and calm down your belly after a long walk. However, do remember that it is closed on Sundays.

In the ground floor, you can find food stalls while upstairs you can find prepared foods along with a kitchen where you can also take cooking classes. 

6. Walk Along the Arno River and enjoy the Church of Santa Maria Novella

Next, you can walk along side the Arno River after picking up a scoop of Gelato. The closer one is Gelateria Della Passera and they serve home made gelato. Cross the river via the Ponte Santa Trinita to get an amazing view of the Ponte Vecchio itself!

You will also cross the church of Santa Maria Novella which is beautifully built with green and white colors.

7. Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio

End the first day by enjoying a beautiful sunset at Ponte Vecchio. It is a beautiful bridge to see the gorgeous view of Florence. Ponte Vecchio is a medieval bridge built in the tenth century that was destroyed and later rebuilt again. You can even enjoy window shopping here as the bridge is lined up with high-end jewelry and watch stores.

Ponte Vecchio

Standing in the Ponte Vecchio bridge

Day 2


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1. Uffizi Gallery Uffizi Palace

The gallery is quite huge. After having breakfast this is the first place you should go to and keep at least two hours to explore the beauty of it. You will find an endless collection of art here. Furthermore, the view from here is amazing as well. 

Do get a ticket in advance for Uffizi Gallery as well so that you are organized for the day and can cover a lot.

Buy Uffizi Gallery ticket.


2. Piazza della SignoriaPiazza della Signoria

Right next to Uffizi Gallery is one of the prettiest piazzas in Florence. Piazza della Signoria is considered the center of Florence’s political power. In here, you can visit the Fountain of Neptune and Palazzo Vecchio. There is also a museum where you can enjoy the beauty of some absolutely incredible statues.

Further, you can enjoy a gelato here while watching the hustle and the bustle in the Piazza. It is great to stop a while in the tracks and enjoy people watching. 

3. Fontana del Porcellino

Il Porcellino

Meeting Il Porcellino with Nancy Aiello Tours

Close to Piazza della Signoria lies Fontana del Porcellino. As you will walk from Piazza della Signoria to Fontana del Porcellino you will notice high end shopping stores where you can purchase very fashionable sunglasses and clothes if you love shopping.

Once you reach Fontana del Porcellino you will notice a large bronze boar. Tourists usually visit this place to rub the nose of the boar. It is said that if you do so, you are bound to return to Florence. 


4. Piazza Santa Croce 

Pass by the Duomo again while you make your way to Piazza Santa Croce. This is the resting place for many Florentines and Tuscans that also includes Michelangelo and Galileo. 


5. Piazzale Michelangelo

View from Piazzale Michelangelo

View from Piazzale Michelangelo

This time see the sunset from a different place. Walk to Piazzale Michelangelo and you will find one of the best places to admire the view of Florence – Piazzale Michelangelo. The colors splash so beautifully in the sky during this time making the whole city lit up beautifully.

For years, buildings were not allowed to be constructed taller than the Duomo. Because of this, the skyline of Florence is so uniform with Duomo and cupola rising higher than all the buildings. It feels like they are erupting in the sky.


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