Do you want to spend more time with your children? Here are 20 ways to play outside with kids that the entire family can participate in.
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20 Ways to Spend 20 Minutes Playing Outside With Your Kids

    1. Jump on the Trampoline: Take turns showing off your best tricks.Trampoline
    2. Have a Hula Hoop Contest: Hula Hoops are cheap and fun. As your kids get older you can make harder hula hoop challenges.
    3. Go for a Bike Ride: Take the kids around the neighborhood or over to a playground with a quick bike ride.Bangkok Bike Tour
    4. Play at the Playground: Kids always have a fun time swinging and playing at a playground.
      Sunriver Playground
    5. Blow Bubbles: Kids love to blow bubbles and chase bubbles around the yard.
    6. Hit Golf Balls: Take the kids to the driving range where you can all hit golf balls. Hitting a bucket of balls is a fairly cheap activity. Driving range
    7. Visit a Garden: Spring is the perfect time to visit a garden when everything is in bloom.
    8. Roller Skating: Take the kids roller skating. Be sure to put knee pads, elbow pads, and helmets on in case of falls.roller skating
    9. Play Soccer: Head over to a nearby field and play soccer. soccer
    10. Fly a Kite: If it’s a windy day what better way to celebrate than with a kite.
    11. Mini Golf: Head to the nearest mini golf location and see who can get a hole in one. Mini golf is usually inexpensive and sometimes kids 6 and under are free. img 8573 1
    12. Dine Outside: If you have a patio and it’s a nice day, eat outside instead of inside. This is the perfect way to spend time with the kids and absorb some vitamin D. If you do not have a patio, just spread out a blanket in the yard to sit on. dine outside
    13. Go Fishing: Head to a nearby pond, lake, or river and take the kids fishing. Typically a children’s fishing license is free. go fishing
    14. Dig in the Sand: If you have a sandbox sit in the sand and play with your kid. If not head to a nearby beach or a playground with sand. Dig in the sand
    15. Hang out in a Hammock: What better way to chill out with the kids then to hang out in a hammock. This is a great time to read with your kids too. Hammock time
    16. Go Karts: Go karting is another fun, low cost family activity.img 8583
    17. Skip Rocks: If you are near water a free fun activity is skipping rocks. It may surprise you how long this keeps the whole family entertained. img 2185
    18. Play Corn Hole: I grew up playing corn hole, you may know if better as washers or bean bag toss. It’s super easy to play and a perfect way to get the whole family involved. img 1654
    19. Play Tennis: Tennis can be challenging for younger kids. Try to find a tennis court with a solid wall on one side where kids can practice hitting balls off the wall.
    20. Grow a Garden: Plant a little garden with your kids and then spend time tending to it with them. This is an excellent way to spend more time with your children outside while also teaching them a valuable skill.

20 ways to play with kids outside




So now it’s time to get outside and share your 20 Minutes of Spring activities! What is your favorite outdoor activity to do with your children? Tell us in the comments below!

20 ways to play outside with kids

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