The Salishan Resort offers a variety of luxurious amenities at a graciously welcoming resort with delicious local foods and tasty drinks and an amazing spa as well relaxing and active options for those who want to enjoy the outdoor experience. 

Salishan Resort on the Oregon Coast Gleneden Beach

The Salishan Resort in Gleneden Beach is about a two-hour drive from Portland, Oregon. Located up a hill is a forested collection of beautifully decorated and welcoming buildings designed by Oregon architect John Gray. The setting seems like you are deep in a forest with the smell and feel of the ocean air is crisp and salty. The rooms are separated into smaller building groups and are a short walk to the main Lodge. Each room felt private and quiet, allowing full appreciation of the lovely natural environments outside around the buildings. The Salishan Resort is friendly for kids (and pets) and our family enjoyed our experience. We look forward to our next Salishan Resort stay.


23 Reasons to go to the Salishan Resort

Families who are looking for a variety of activities will have a wide selection to choose from at Salishan Resort. From swimming and hiking to relaxing at the spa or golfing, there is something for everyone. Salishan Resort has weekly activities that help you plan your perfect vacation.

Salishan Spa

Salishan Resort spa infinity pool

Salishan Spa: The Salishan Spa is a memorable and special destination regardless of whether you are a hotel guest or day visitor. The Spa has a wide array of ways to relax before your spa service. A gender specific saunas, hot tub and rain shower were available in a clothing optional locker room. I opted to sit in the hot water of the outdoor, covered infinity pool and look out over the incoming tide of Siletz Bay.

Relaxation Room: Aptly named the Relaxation Room, I ate a healthy snack of apples and freshly roasted pumpkin seeds before my spa appointment. The view was peaceful and you have a choice of looking out over the water or being mesmerized by the fire.

Spa Services: The deep tissue massage from Naima removed all muscle tension and left me feeling renewed from the experience. It was the best massage I have ever had!

Multiple Pools

Salishan Resort pool


Swim: One of our favorite family activities is swimming which makes the pool a memorable part of our Salishan experience. The pool is one of the largest indoor hotel pools we have seen and it was clean and warm. Soft towels are provided and there is a sauna and private changing rooms, in the locker and bathroom area.   

Dive in Movie: Salishan offers really unique activities. Have you ever watched a movie while you were swimming? We lucked out and were swimming during the weekly Dive in Movie. It was a fun addition to our normal swimming adventures. They even had popcorn!Hot Tub In a separate room just off the main pool area, a large hot tub waits for some muscle warm up and relaxation. We got in to warm up and relax before heading back to our room after an active day.

Spacious Rooms for Families

Salishan Resort room

Rooms: Our Deluxe Room was clean, spacious and open with lofted ceilings and a private balcony looking out to Siletz Bay. We had a very comfortable king-sized bed and a pull-out couch with an extra thick mattress for the kids. Our room had the option to be connected to the adjacent room. The rooms feel like you are in a cozy cabin.

Suites: Salishan has a handful of suites available. Here is a tour of the one we stayed in. 

Beautiful Beach

the beach at Salishan

Oregon Coast

We enjoyed exploring the Salishan Resort by foot. Salishan has quiet paved roads and hiking trails on their extensive forested property. The Resort offers a guided Interpretive Hike which we tried and learned many interesting facts from our tour guide Chloe. The hike begins in the hotel lobby, heads down a path next to the scenic golf course, under a bridge (originally built for cows to walk under the road) and along the Nature path to the sand at the majestic Oregon Coast sand. 

Wonderful Food and Drink Options

Salishan Resort serves seasonally fresh food like salmon

Beverages: The Attic Lounge had beautiful lights and a wide selection of beverage options, including wines. The Salishan Resort also offers a beverage tasting event with local beers and wine selections. At night the Attic is adults only.


Breakfast at Salishan

Breakfast at Salishan in the Sun Room.


Food: The Sun Room offers delicious, locally sourced seasonal food and drink selections in a family friendly atmosphere. The staff is super friendly, accommodating and helpful. Our favorite baked good was the gluten free pumpkin scone which was crispy on the outside and still warm from the oven!

The Dining Room has upscale cuisine sure to please. Salishan

S’mores: There is the nightly opportunity to heat s’mores over the roaring fire in the lobby, which moves outside when the weather permits. Our s’mores were delicious! S'mores at Salishan

Lots of Activities at Salishan Resort

Salishan Seekers: The Oregon Coast is known for hand-blown glass artwork. Beautiful glass globes are hiding around the various nooks and crannies outside on the Salishan Resort property for Salishan Seekers to find (and keep!). If you enjoy Easter Egg hunting, you will really enjoy the Salishan Seekers activity.

Fitness: Rain or shine, there are options to move your body. There is an indoor fitness room with cardio equipment and weight-lifting options. For an outdoor alternative, there are blue bikes near the lobby that can be borrowed by guests.  

Library and Chess: There is a library off the lobby, complete with comfortable seating and a chess table ready for players. 

Tennis: We did not get a chance to play tennis at the indoor courts, but we did check out the Sport Courts while we were searching for the Salishan Seeker glass globes. There is a sand volleyball court, basketball court and kid playground all safely tucked under the tall trees. 

Golf: The golf course is a beautiful part of the Salishan Resort. There is a Golf Shop with its own restaurant called The Grill. We enjoyed walking along the golf course paths and enjoyed the view of the water. 

Patio games and Putting Green: There are patio games (weather permitting) for the kids and the putting green is available for guests to use for free. Putt putt at Salishan

Adventures: Adventurer seekers at the Salishan Resort have seasonal and weather dependent activities available and are transportation ready. We would have liked to try paddle boarding or the Drift Creek Falls hike, but heavy rains during part of our trip altered our plans. We saved the ideas for next time.  

One thing we were able to try out was their brand-new aerial park! They have an extensive aerial park that is fun for the entire family. 

Aerial park at Salishan

Art: The Resort has a “Guided Art Walk” for guestsThere are a variety of contemporary artwork pieces around the Salishan Resort using different mediums and styles. It was a pleasure to walk around and see so many gorgeous pieces.

Art Gallery and Shopping: The Salishan Resort has their own curated Art Gallery in their Salishan Shops. Showcasing Oregon talent, the display had an amazing collection of fine art that was unexpectedly unique.


Salishan Gets it Right

Friendly Staff: Some of the most memorable parts of our stay were the friendly and welcoming staff members. They were kind to the guests, but also to each other. Host Natalie spoke highly of how The Salishan Resort treats their employees with her words “they have your back”. This unsolicited feedback really made an impression as it is apparent that the resort is invested in the community for a long time. 

Environmental: The Salishan Resort subtly supported the environment with eco-friendly portable coffee cups and soap pump dispensers instead of travel-size containers. The little details were thoughtful and special additions to the overall experience.

Tesla Destination Chargers: The front parking lot has eight Tesla destination chargers, which was an unexpected benefit for those needing to charge after a long drive.

We enjoyed our stay at The Salishan Resort. Staying here is a unique combination of being tucked away in a forest while still being close to the ocean waters. It is a destination for both adventurers and spa lovers.

23 Reasons Families Love Salishan Resort

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While you are staying at Salishan you are near Newport Beach and Lincoln City. You may want to enjoy some of the things each city has to offer. In Lincoln City I recommend eating at Nelscott Cafe. Down in Newport Beach visiting the Oregon Coast aquarium is a must.