Here are 25 tips you need to know before you sail aboard a Disney Cruise! Plus, we’ve included a packing list. 

25 Disney Cruise Tips

Are you taking a Disney Cruise with your family?

Here are 25 tips you should know before you sail! From Disney cruise dining to avoiding getting lost on board these tips will help you have the best time possible aboard the Disney ship!

Don’t Get Lost on the Cruise Ship Avoid getting lost while trying to find your room.

Fish or Seahorse – Remember if you have a Fish or a Seahorse on your door.

  • Seahorse = Starboard (right).
  • Fish = Portside (left).

Look at the carpet: The easiest way to tell if you are heading to the front or the back of the ship is to simply look down at the carpet. If the map is right-side up you are walking forward; if the map is upside down you are walking aft aka towards the back of the ship.

img 7635What Happens if Your Child Gets Lost

If your child gets lost, they will take them to the kid’s club. So, even if you are not dropping them off there, sign them up and get the bands so they can know the kid’s info.

You will need to return the band at the end of the cruise. Otherwise, you will be charged a fee.

Cheapest Way to Spa

You can purchase a day pass for entrance into the Spa for $16 (maybe $18?). They have a quiet, private hot tub and l warmed tiled loungers that overlook the ocean. This is a great value for some quiet time. The trick is that you have to request it either right away when you get there or call 1-800-784-0000 in advance. Sometimes they sell out.

img 7789Disney Cruise Food and Drink Tips

Coffee – If you order coffee from room service, it comes in a thermal carafe that stays warm for hours. Great to enjoy on your veranda.

If you like lattes, etc., there’s Cove Cafe in the adult pool area, but you will incur an extra charge.

Booze – You can bring 2 bottles of wine or 6 beers in your carry on to the ship. Another great thing to enjoy on the veranda with a cheese plate from room service.

Kids – Kids do not have to eat off the children’s menu. If you have a more adventurous child they can order off the adult menu.

Lunch – Lunch is available at the “Enchanted Garden” on embarkation day. It opens at midday. Avoid the crowds and the buffet by having lunch here instead.

Ice Cream – Grab a cup from the soda area and use it for ice cream or even to make a float.

Show Food – Bring your own snacks and drinks into the shows or movies instead of buying what they are selling. You can bring in food from other places aboard the ship. The popcorn is only $3.50. I noticed that when I ordered Prosseco at the theater, I got a much larger pour than I did in the restaurants.

acs 0006Castaway Cay Tips

Snorkeling – For the best snorkeling at Castaway Cay, go early. Later in the day the water (and sand on the bottom) is more churned up and it can be more difficult to see. The fish are toward the very end of the snorkeling area. Don’t even bother looking for fish until you get back there.

Mickey Mouse is under water underneath the white buoy.

Adults Only Area – If you are an adult traveling without children, absolutely make sure to head over to the adult beach (Serenity Bay) for lunch, because they serve steak.

Kid Clubs Continue – There is a a kids clubs on the island and feed them, if it’s lunch. They also have a tween and teen hang out.

Excursions – If you book excursions for Castaway Cay, keep an open mind and remain flexible. Sometimes excursions are canceled due to rough seas and wind.

acs 0012 1

Drink of the day – Everyday on Castaway Cay there is a drink of the day for just $5. The day I visited the Stingray was $5. I preferred the Konk Kooler though for $6.50. Most cocktails seemed to be $6.50.

Bring Seasafe – Have you heard about sea lice? I had never heard of this until my kids were completely miserable for no apparent reason. It didn’t take long to figure out that they had gotten something from the water. I highly recommend using Seasafe for swimming. You may only need it once, have it just in case.

acs 0005Castaway Cay 5k – if you want to run the 5k you must sign up on board at guest services. I was able to sign up the night before the race.

To start the race you will walk past much of the beach area. Take some stuff with you to save an area.

snapseedAdult Tips

If you are an adult and able to take part in the adult entertainment on night 3, DON’T MISS Dream Quest and 80’s music challenge in Evolution (the adult club).

In the adults only district there is a little area outside the clubs where they have little appetizer late night snacks!

Why You Need the Disney Cruise App

img 7205 1

Countdown Graphic – Now you may be wondering where to find the cruise countdown graphic that you see around social media. You can get it with the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App.

The graphic is just one of the reasons you will want to download the app.

Schedules – Once you board, you can login to their WIFI and have access to all activities, schedules, and restaurant menus. Its pretty much your Navigator but in digital form.

Free messaging – The app has a messenger function allowing you to stay in connect with your party.

25 Disney Cruise Tips that you NEED to know for your cruise with Disney!

Learn everything you need to know to participate in a Disney Cruise Fish Extender group.

Looking for a Disney Cruise Packing List? Here’s a free printable packing list for your Disney Cruise!Disney Cruise Packing List

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