Do you want your family to be more active? Here are 26 family fitness ideas to get your family moving towards a healthier lifestyle.img 8983As a single mom to three active teens and tweens who works full time, I am constantly on the go. Over the years, having a healthy lifestyle has become more and more important to me. Way back in 2014 Eden broke her hand during gymnastics. We were sent to a specialist and found out that they considered her to have weak bones. They told me to put her on a high protein diet. Thus began my research into protein. Turns out there are multiple reasons you want to make sure you are getting enough protein.

3 Benefits of Protein

  1. Better Bone Health: A high protein diet can help heal broken bones and prevent bone weakness, fractures and even osteoporosis by increasing calcium absorption and helping with bone metabolism.
  2. Manage Weight: High-protein foods are more filling than carbohydrates or fats, so they can prevent overeating and snacking.
  3. Muscle Health: Protein is important after exercise, physical activity like strength training purposefully damages muscle tissues so they can repair and grow back stronger. For the process to happen effectively, you need some extra protein to help repair the damage. Research shows that eating protein before and after exercise helps increase muscle recovery.

How much protein do you need?

  • Women ages 19 – 70+ need 46g of protein daily
  • Men ages 19 – 70+ need 56g of protein daily

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26 Family Fitness Ideas26 Family Fitness Ideas

It’s important for all members of the family to get exercise. Depending on the ages of your kids, they may or may not be allowed to work out in a gym with you. The good news is, you do not need a gym to get moving! Here are a handful of ways families can spend time together and work in fitness at the same time.

    1. Play basketball
    2. Play volleyball
    3. Play badminton
    4. Go for a bike ride  biking at Suttle Lake
    5. Go kayaking or canoeingKayaking in Sunriver, Oregon near Bend, Oregon
    6. Paddle boarding – It may look hard, but paddle boarding is easy enough that even younger kids can do it. I recommend getting an inflatable paddle board for easier handling, transport, and storage. paddling boarding at Beaches
    7. Exercise together – See who can do the most pushups, sit-ups, or jumping jacks. See who can hold the longest plank or handstand. You can lift weights or do yoga together.
    8. Play Tennis
    9. Frisbee – You can play frisbee almost anywhere. I keep one in the car.
    10. Golf – Hit golf balls at a driving range or go to a mini-golf course.
    11. Go Hiking
    12. Ice Skating

      Ice Skating at Sunriver

      Ice Skating at Sunriver

    13. Indoor Rock Climbing
    14. Rollerblading/Rollerskating – You can head to your local roller ring or you can skate around your neighborhood.
    15. Jogging/Running – Go for a run through your neighborhood or at a local high school track.
    16. Soccer – Playing soccer in the fun is super fun and challenging.
    17. Martial Arts Class – There are classes available for families. 
    18. Play Catch
    19. Jump on the Trampoline
    20. Run a local 5K Race – There are tons of 5K races that families can run together like the Color Run.IMG 1691
    21. Snow Skiing or Snowboarding – Your family will definitely burn calories and have loads of fun skiing. Mt. Hood Skibowl is a great place for families to ski.
    22. Go Swimming
    23. Take a Walk – Family walks around the neighborhood are easy and convenient.
    24. Water Skiing/Wakeboarding
    25. Jump Rope
    26. Hula Hoop

Does your family workout together? What type of family fitness activities do you do with your family? We would love to hear your ideas in the comments below. 

26 Family Fitness Ideas for staying fit as a family and why it's important a family includes protein in their diet.